Sunday, July 14, 2013

Yielding to Righteousness

  [From the Archives of Connie's Letters - Feb 26, 2002]

Dear Mothers, last nite when we finally got home.. I fixed Papa a nice supper .. I fixed fried potatoes a sausage wiener and sour kraut...And then i had made a pumpkin pie..the day before we had that..Dan and Mary were gone to their respective places..Mary didnt think we would ever come back home yesterday..What a LOOONG Day that was...I mean it was nice to visit with Mom..But i just hadnt planned to be gone all day and i felt anxious and undone as the car took longer and longer to fix..So of course last nite Papa wanted me all to himself..and we just did things here.. He sat at the table and figured out his bills and i read a cookbook..then we watched some tv. it was some show on the educational channel ..neither Jim or i could figure it  out..I guess we just wanted to be quiet and watch something and not have to talk...And sometimes we do that..No tv isnt good ...But again Mothers we are helpers and cant always call the shots..Sometimes a man needs to relax and watch something on tv..Papa watches clean things i dont mind.. And he watches the news ..and i sometimes watch it with him..

But last nite i was reading my cookbook..It was an old book i had gotten from  some SALE...I looked at the pictures of the canning jars all neatly placed on the Mothers Pantry....Oh my eyes enjoyed a feast as i looked at these pictures.. The Holy Spirit touched my heart. and the Lord said.."Connie you need to do more canning this coming Fall" And i said "Lord why? ...I dont have so many to cook for as i used to "....He said "It isnt to prepare for hard times in the physical...But to prepare for spiritual "hard times" He said "Connie you need to yield your members to righteousness."

Oh dear mothers we are not fighting a physical war as the mothers of yesteryear did..We are fighting a spiritual war..WE must take on our cloaks of wifehood and Motherhood..We must wear them as we would wear the full armor of God.. Our aprons are breastplates of righteousness..Satan must not look at us and see a way into our hearts..Feminism is an unholy smoke that drifts into our homes and weaves its way into the cracks in our armor...Oh dear  saints we need to stay busy and about our Fathers business..As i write to you each day about motherhood i have become unfit for the world ..Because i write each day everything i do is like a burning arrow.. I am no longer sort of lost and aiming at anything.. I do encourage you all to keep does help you to stay focused..I mean dont exclude your family..But listen  to the Holy Spirit..See before i began to really write i was going under in a big way.. I think the worlds pull is so strong to destroy our families..I dont think this websight is a gossip and back biting place..But a place to be serious ..a hospital for broken souls i hope.. ...I write very early in the morning and this way i stay out of Papas way with it.. The Lord wakes me up each morning and gets me goin...I wonder around a while when i get up and pray and read some Bible verses...i make coffee..put the dog out ..clean the table off..Start a meal and write..But i do try to stay out of Papas way with it..As i am his helper to help him with his agenda ..his move of the spirit.Love Connie..


Gail @ said...

I love your line "our aprons are breastplates."
I pray God does use us a wives, mothers, and women of God for His glory and purposes.

Val Young said...

Wonderful post!

hsmominmo said...

I wear an apron almost daily as I go about my tasks as a wife and mother. I never thought of it as my breastplate of righteousness before. I'll be tying my apronstrings each day with a renewed purpose.

Judith Kowles said...

This is a beautifully encouraging post, Connie. Thanks so much for sharing it over at WholeHearted Wednesdays.

I haven't worn an apron in awhile but I just love thinking of it as a breastplate, part of my armour. I look forward to reading a post of yours again.

Katrinka said...

This is beautiful, Connie!


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