Monday, August 19, 2013

Keep the Light in the Window

Part 1

Dear Sisters, Good Morning..!! i am getting ready to go the Dollar Store..i have 3 lites that are burned out in the livingroom window.Well they are like Christmas Lights..I first put them up there when our son Jimmy went into the Navy..Jimmy was a part of an air crew..Jim and i were very proud of him..Anyway i worried alot about our son...And i. wrote a poem about how i felt... i dont know where it is exactly..But the first part goes like this." .Keep the candle in the window Mother..and the fire blazing low..Keep the soup on simmer Mother ...just a few hours left to go"..Folks in the neighborhood wud pass by our house.."Connie did you know you still have your Christmas lights up in your window"? i wud say " I know they are on..They arent Christmas lights they are lights of my prayers..i keep them forever burning even after i go to .sleep at nite...The lights tell me that even tho i am asleep Jesus is holding my precious son"Jimmy"..Iva at 85 wud jog by my house ..One day, she stopped and ask me.."Connie are those Lights in the window for Jimmy?"..i said "Yes they are" In the Old Days Mothers wud keep a candle in the window in case her family was out in a dark night storm and wud lose their way home. They wud look for the light in the window to guide them home..

Part 2

Last evening Jill stopped by ..i loved seeing her and we had a nice
visit..When she got ready to leave she said "Connie , your lights are OUT
in the window..You shudnt ever let them go out"..i said i know it..i will
get some light bulbs and put them in.. .I had some little bulbs in the
lights a few yrs back..and the lights wud not burn out..They got so dusty
but wud not burn out..i think Aunt Toot will remember those lights that
wudnt go out..i finally just took the dusty ones out and replaced them
with new ones..But those lights reminded me that the Lords light is always
shining on us and it will never go out..Jimmy did come home safely from
the Navy..with many medals ..But i was to keep the candles in the
window..Always symbolising the LIGHTS of home..The Lights call...
forever children and grandchildren to me..and to the True
Heavenly LIGHT of the world Jesus Christ.. Love Connie

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