Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Hultquist Kids

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, April 2013}

Part 1

Good morning Ladies, Last nite me and Aunt Tootsie were yakin in the
phone,,Toot remembered my Mom before she died and so we were laughing over
my Moms sense of humor ...Heres another funny story before i get on to my
serious writings..I always had a Birthday Party for each of my
children..Usually we had Mom and Dad over for supper and for ice cream and
cake..Well i was always so busy with my family..So the kids had to help me
with dinners etc..So we forgot to get Gram {Mom} a fork for her cake..So i
told one of the kids to go get Gram a fork.. i forgot the whole thing after
that evening......So a few weeks later ,,,Mom comes over with a new set of
silverware..I cudnt figure out why..But i thanked her and all..Then she
pipes up..."Well that last time i was here for a meal one of the kids gave
me a cooking fork to eat my cake with.  i thot maybe you had lost some of
your silverware,,," i always tried to act matter of fact" with Mom ...Like
it was normal not to have matching silverware and all..The truth was that
my boys wud lose their tools and wud use my silverware for tools..But then
after mom left i thot about it.." a cooking fork to eat cake"? i thot "Omg
i bet one of the boys gave Gram a Bar-B-Q fork to eat her cake...??? I
never did find out if they really did...i still think of it to this day???
Like Jimmy our oldest used to say "The boys cud do anything crazy and Mom
wud just say quietly "Oh those boys"..

Part 2

My Mom was always a riot...but Dad most of the time upstaged her..Well there was just 3 kids in my family ..Just me and 2 brothers..But a household with 4 boys and 2 girls is really a different story.. The 1950s that i grew up in wasnt at all like what my home was like when raiseing my own kids..Plus i homeschooled for 15 yrs..so i let my kids make forts in the livingroom and i had 2 pianos in the livingroom too..One day my Dad is sitting in my livingroom looking at the 2 pianos on the south wall..He says "Connie one of these days the way this old house is? those 2 pianos will tip this house over..Well Dad was always saying things like that..scared the livin day lites out of me,..i finally got rid of the biggest piano..It was a really big piano.!!!. But what i will always remember that Dad used to say when he came in my house..he wud say to me,,"Son of a Buck what kind of an outfit are you runnin over here?"If the kids had a skinned knee or whatever.. he wud say "What are you tryin to do to these kids.?".i tried to give my testimony to my Mom about how after 12 yrs the Lord gave us a new marriage...Mom says "Well Connie you waited 12 yrs..for cryin out loud anything cud have happened if you wait that long"...Oh she was quite the old gal.. i loved Mom and Dad..no matter what they said to me..i miss them both..Mom died in 2007 and Dad died in 2001 ..they were married for almost 60 yrs,,

Part 3

But a know my Dad was a fair man..an honest man,,,of course all the relatives had a fit over Jim leaveing and coming back and leaveing etc.. Jim wud come back and repent etc..And Jim wud be sorry.. Jim wud take any job he cud get to support us..He got one job that he had to walk to work clear into the next city.It took him almost 2 hrs to walk there,,It was a nite job so there was no buses running..after work he cud take a bus home,,But i remember Dad telling all the relatives..."Well ya gotta say one thing for Jim..he is a hard worker..And not many men wud walk that far to go to work"...Jim said it was good exercise...But Dad said that deep down Jim must have been a good man...And Dad was right,,Jim did love us and he showed us his love .. Love connie


Anonymous said...

I feel that way about my husband too. He is a very hard worker and deep down he has a good heart.

Tya Buie said...

My husband took a job 2,000 miles away, moved into Veterans Homeless Halfway House, and walked 3 miles one way to work for 10 months. People thought we were crazy, but it was the only job that had called to offer him something after 10 months of putting in applications.


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