Monday, March 31, 2014

The Way of the Transgressors Is Hard (motherhood)

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, March 6, 2014.}

And so we Hultquists travel on.....losing ground in one area and gaining it in another..Trying to forget our defeats and remember our Victories..!!! As in any home we are all in different stages of faith....We Mothers think just because we went through things that we can tell our kids ..and they wont have to make the same mistakes..But most kids learn the hard way..thats how i learned..But you just put the Word first place in your home dear Mothers and follow the Lord Jesus Christ..Children listen to what you say...but really what leads them onward is Mothers Heart..Mothers heart speaks in the home..Its a spiritual voice ...This voice tells the children Mothers ways ..her true ways..The voice tells the children who Mother really is..Our children are fed by Mothers spirit..And we all have the kids that embarrass us almost to death..i have one like that now..But ya know the Lord keeps them  ...The Lord will definitely take care of Mamas babies ..Just as Joseph tried to impress his step brothers with his dreams etc .our children try to impress the world with their gifts of the Spirit in one way and with their rebellion in another way...But children raised by godly parents are different than the rest of the world..The world doesnt want them as they arent worldly enuf and yet they wont give their life to JESUS..But at some point the world will absolutely SPIT THEM OUT...Just as Jonah was spit out of the belly of the whale..The Word says "All of my children are taught of the Lord..and great shall be their PEACE"..The Lord will punish our children that are in rebellion..i dont stand between my grown children and `the Lords hand of judgement..i mean if i can help it..because the way of the transgressor is hard..At some point we have to let our children go and let them go to the Lord and be taught of the connie

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Jesus is Our Provider

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, March 2013.}

Part 1

Dear Mothers, Good Morning.. i have been listening to the 1940 Songs on the
Internet.."Pistol Packin Mama" by Jimmie Rogers..Lately i feel so much that
times are changing..How many times when Jim and i were apart did i think
about the Depression era Mothers of the 1930s..? i read anything i cud find
on them.. The writings and recipes gave me courage ..i figured if they cud
do it i cud do it too..And of course even tho i was poor i sure had more
then the Depression era Mothers had..They had a drought that lasted for 3
yrs..The only gardens that survived were the ones planted by a river or
some other supply of water..It seems thru the yrs the Lord has given me
alot of knowledge as to how to make it during Hard Times..But then my
own personal Hard Times have held me back.. But ya know Mothers my
deepest desire is to be JUST AS RADICAL in the next 10 yrs as i was when i
was young... i think more then ever Mothers at home..we need to be
listening to the Holy Spirit within us..Yesterday i had to have some Blood
tests done..But i just had one done as the co pay was so high..Wudnt ya
think Medicare wud pay for it..? More and more with this medical stuff i
can see we are all on our own.. We better have faith in God..And anything
that comes between us and God we had better give it up..These dopey women
on tv livin with this guy and that one? It warps your mind to do that
stuff..To live a holy life is the way to prosperity..Wisdom is the
stability of the times...Study Wisdom in Proverbs and in other parts of the

Part 2

The Lord will supply all of our needs according to His riches in Glory..Ya
know the Lord taught me this many yrs ago in the Hard Times.. We learn
during the Hard times ...He gets our attention.. as in no other time..
Mothers we have to have clean hearts before the Lord.. we need teachable
spirits.. Years ago when the Lord told me to get this what a
time..But i obeyed the Lord..This whole house was fallin down it seemed.. i
was raised in a nice home like the Leave it to Beaver Show..i wasnt used to
living with lack of any kind..But the Lord had me buy this house..Jim and i
were separated right after i got the house..i was pregnant and had one
child..Oh mercy what a riot.. But each morning the Lord wud tell me to
clean the house and make a home for my children..and my husband even tho at
the time he was not here..i wud sit in the livingroom and pray..And i wud
watch lightening go thru the dining room..flashes of light..? Well the fuse
box evidently had shorts in it..and it was on the wall in the kitchen..i
had 4 fuses in the box..One fuse was for the root cellar in the was for the light on the front porch and the other 2 was for
everything else in the house..So the fuses shorted out about once a
month,,i cudnt wash and iron and have a light on at the same time..So the
fuse box was close to the ceiling in the kitchen,,The ceiling was 10 feet
tall..So in the dark with a flash lite i had to climb the ladder and take
out the burned out fuse and replace it with the good one..And the dang
thing wud shock ya..So i tightened the fuse with my wooden cooking spoon
and that way i didnt get shocked..well i had prayed about it every day.. i
didnt have the money to get an electrician..So any how the phone went
out..Well the telephone repair man came and fixed the phone..And while the
phone guy was here the lightening shot thru the diningroom as if right on
time..And the phone guy says "Oh i have a fuse box at home and i know how
to fix it.".So he got up there to my fuse box and fixed it and it stayed
fixed for yrs until Jim was healed and and we got the house rewired.Jimmy
my son at about 8 yrs old cudnt get a cord out of the wall socket up in my
bedroom? So he took some big scissors and cut the cord off of the plug
in..Wellll that sure shut all the lights out..That boy kept me busy..But ya
know i always believed that Phone repairman was an angel that God sent in
answer to my fuse box prayers..Oh Wow if not for the Lord i wudnt have made connie

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Thoughts on the Feminist Movement

This morning i was thinking about the feminist movement..Well it is on the educational channel ...on tv Public Broadcasting System...i never want to listen to that because its such a lie..But the Feminists seem to be rolling right over the top of we Christians..We all know Feminism is wrong ..but we dont know why its wrong for the most part.Lately i have been listening to Lady preachers myself.And i have thot to myself 'Well whats the big deal?" But since i am in trouble all the time ..i want to be sure i dont have any sin in my life..

Then i saw this..It isnt what we as women do.. its what we neglect to do..Any woman who doesnt stand up for the rights of children in this age shud be ashamed of themselves..And if you can get a crowd to listen to you why wudnt you speak first for the children who cant speak for themselves..? The Lord keeps showing me the folks who are on His side..It isnt the Democrats or the a whole..Ya know we can protest with signs etc...But if it has no truth it has no truth..It is the" John the Baptists" that will bring a Revolution..John was raised mainly by his mother..Can you see his mom Elisabeth telling John to marry a woman who will get a good job so she can help support the family? Elisabeth was a godly wife and mother..John was raised in the wilderness..Mary .Jesus mother was blessed among women..We may pick Joyce Myers to be the most blessed among woman..But the lord picked Mary who kept her eyes on the Father..she was plain and simple. . .love Connie

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Home Sweet Home

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, June 2012.}

Dear Wives and Mothers,

A few days ago you girls were asking me about my
house that just got remodeled ..Well we have a ways to go yet,,But i am so
very thankful to have done what is done so far..Yaaay!!!Well this house was
gotten by faith,,The Lord had spoken to me to get a house.,,to buy a house
in 1973..i was 26 yrs old and pregnant..i was up a creek without a
paddle..What else is new ? i had no money except a welfare check of 150
bucks..Jim and i had separated..i didnt even know where he was..But the
Lord spoke to me as i laid in bed too depressed to even get up,,He told me
that my marriage wud be healed,.And that i wud be buying a house..with my
150 bucks..Well i got up and got dressed and started cleaning the house and
getting ready ...Well Jim came home in a few days and i told him the Lord
had told me that we were going to buy a house..So Jim and i went for a
walk..and we found this house..i had told the Lord i wud know what house to
get because it wud have a cooking stove in it and a dryer...So we walked
about 6 blocks and we came to this house i am in now..We liked the house
,,We looked in the window and it had a dryer in it and a stove..So we got
ahold of the Realtor who was selling it and ask how much we had to put
down on it ? and he said 150 bucks..i didnt have to pay this for a few that time Jim got a job and we were back on the road..In a few
weeks then we got our house..We paid 150 bucks down and that paid the house
payment and taxes and insurance..The man who owned the house never made a
dime on it..He had never lived here ,,He bot this house when he was
drunk..He cudnt sell it as it needed alot of work..He didnt want to keep it
another winter and pay the high fuel bills..So he did practically give it
to us..That next yr houses went up to twice the amount..So the house cost
us 12 thousand and over nite went up to $24,000..The cooking stove i saw
thru the window worked for the next 30 yrs or more..The dryer they told us
didnt work and they were going to haul it out..But it did work for the
next 8 yrs..And now we have lived in this $12,000 home for almost 40
yrs..Jim paid it off and now in my widowhood i live here with no rent to
pay..All of my children grew up in this house..We have had many happy days
here..Love connie

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Monday, March 3, 2014


Dear Mothers,

Ya know when Jim died this was such a shock to me..Jim had been so strong...i thot he wud out live me by 10 or 20 yrs...After he had open heart surgery he said he felt fine.The nurse said he wasnt on any medicine for pain...Jim said "Well it didnt hurt"..Then he wanted to go home..right away..Oh what a character.Well were both that way..not much for Drs..i wanted to write some things down for Anita that helped me to get thru it all...One thing i did Anita is i wrote letters to Jim ..i wasnt used to running my home ..Jim worked and i stayed home even after the children were gone and married.i had never written a check in 20 some yrs..Jim always worried that i wudnt be able to handle everything once he died..But the kids helped me and i had to learn it or move out..and be taken care of .i love this old house...and i wasnt moving out of it..i bot this house many yrs ago in 1973...i was alone and pregnant and had our son to raise..i was in an apt and very depressed..But God told me it wud be ok...And in prayer the Lord told me to buy a house and that Jim wud be home to help me move etc. i had a welfare check of 151 dollars..When Jim came home we went and looked for a house and we found one...i put my check down on it and we had to walk our stuff to this car..i was 7 months pregnant.i put down 151 bucks for a down payment and also this paid for the taxes and the insurance..Jim found a job right away so we had some money..But Jim left me again before the baby was even born.i was on my was very hard...but i just kept takin it and kept goin..Jim then went back to prison and the children and i lived here for 8 yrs ..And when Jim came home this time he was healed and set free..Thank the Lord !!!And he never left again..Until he died.,,But i learned to walk by faith and not sight.i had to keep my eyes on the Lord and not on Jim..Jim was every way but loose let me tell ya..... love Connie


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