Monday, March 31, 2014

The Way of the Transgressors Is Hard (motherhood)

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, March 6, 2014.}

And so we Hultquists travel on.....losing ground in one area and gaining it in another..Trying to forget our defeats and remember our Victories..!!! As in any home we are all in different stages of faith....We Mothers think just because we went through things that we can tell our kids ..and they wont have to make the same mistakes..But most kids learn the hard way..thats how i learned..But you just put the Word first place in your home dear Mothers and follow the Lord Jesus Christ..Children listen to what you say...but really what leads them onward is Mothers Heart..Mothers heart speaks in the home..Its a spiritual voice ...This voice tells the children Mothers ways ..her true ways..The voice tells the children who Mother really is..Our children are fed by Mothers spirit..And we all have the kids that embarrass us almost to death..i have one like that now..But ya know the Lord keeps them  ...The Lord will definitely take care of Mamas babies ..Just as Joseph tried to impress his step brothers with his dreams etc .our children try to impress the world with their gifts of the Spirit in one way and with their rebellion in another way...But children raised by godly parents are different than the rest of the world..The world doesnt want them as they arent worldly enuf and yet they wont give their life to JESUS..But at some point the world will absolutely SPIT THEM OUT...Just as Jonah was spit out of the belly of the whale..The Word says "All of my children are taught of the Lord..and great shall be their PEACE"..The Lord will punish our children that are in rebellion..i dont stand between my grown children and `the Lords hand of judgement..i mean if i can help it..because the way of the transgressor is hard..At some point we have to let our children go and let them go to the Lord and be taught of the connie

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