Sunday, April 13, 2014

Encouragement for Mother as Easter is Coming

Part 1

    It's one in the morning. . . its raining. . . Oh Happy days...i am up talking to Jesus,,Maybe i will be like Olivia Walton and get healed on Easter Morning..i believe i will....As i was making coffee this morning i prayed to the Lord...i ask His help in the Easter preparations...i said "Lord please send your angels to help me," Well i know He will..i have opened my front door here in the livingroom to listen to the thunder..Peggy Sue Kitty is hiding and running ..But i love the rain..Jim and i used to run as hard as we cud in the rain...As a child i loved to run and Jim did too.."Remember Papa how we loved to run and laugh in the rain?" and oh when our children were young..we worked like dogs...i longed for a tender word from Jim as he wud walk by me...But all the time our car was the emergency and Jim wud try to fix it so that he cud go to work and give us another day to live and to work and to raise our children..How we everrrr made it ..i dont know..Had  we not had faith we wud have dropped dead along the way..But i remember longing so to just be in Jim's presence...especially when it rained at nite..In the Spring we wud open the window by our bed and listen to the rain..we wud just lay quietly..and WELCOME the refreshing rain upon our spirits...i was held tight in Jims arms ..i was loved by him..and thats all i needed..He made my world go round..and he still does..some how..he still does..

Part 2

 Jim always had alot of energy..But i didnt..i tried to keep up with him but it wasnt easy..Jill cud always work circles around me..One time we were at the Warehouse Market..You put your groceries on a flat bed with wheels...well we were both pregnant..i got sorta sick and very tired ....Well Jill ended up asking me to sit on the flat bed along with our groceries...So she pushes me all over the Ware house..on the flat bed..i cant remember but i know we laughed our heads off.We always did..And ya know one time Jim and i were doing errands on a Saturday morning..We stopped by the house to check the kids we  had a few more things to do..I was standing in the diningroom waiting for Jim..i had these tall high heeled shoes on..And i just fell over onto the floor..Jim came running to me...i was crying..He ask me what happened.?.i finally told him i just cudnt keep up with him..i cudnt go another step..He said "Honey wud you just tell me when you are  tired?"..After this happening i was to fall about 3 more times...But i really prayed about it ..and i got stronger again..One time our car went out and it had to be towed home..Jim went ahead to walk to work and i was to pay the towing guy..So when the tow truck came i went out to pay him..i was just standing there and the this guy looked the other way and when he looked back i had fallen down on the ground. He said "Lady are you hurt"? i said "No i will be ok"...

Part 3

  Ya know when i think back to how we lived ?i really dont know how we did be honest Jim never hardly had a good job..But ya know our house payment wasnt high..As i have told you the Lord told us to move here..i bot our house with a welfare check of 151 dollars down and 135 dollars a month..Soon after Jim gave his life to the Lord he said we werent getting any more Gov cheese ..or anymore free food..And oh heck fire...i didnt care ..Ya know i just figured that if God gave us 6 children to feed then He wud supply the food for them..and of course He did..But i think we have to walk out in faith ..We cant judge our lives by how much money we have in our purse..God doesnt look at the Government chart on how much money it takes to clothe and feed one child for a year..No He gives us daily bread..and He supplies all of our needs according to His RICHES in Glory..We as Christian wives and mothers need to be the examples in this world ..As we follow Jesus  to the cross we learn to die daily..We learn how to put our flimsy needs last ..lnstead of first as the feminist does..As we Mothers take the lowly seat then Jesus Himself puts us in the front the best seat in the house..Love connie

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