Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Cowboys

Part 1  Learning to Walk in the Spirit

Good Morning Ladies,Just want to write a few thots on marriage.It seems so many think that the scriptures on marriage mean nothing..Titus 2 basically says that the older women shud teach the young women to be sober minded ..They shud teach them to love their husbands and love their children that the Word of God be not blasphemed..Well yes the Word has been blasphemed through the church..See Joyce Myers seems harmless enuf..But we dont have the Proverbs 31 woman to balance her out..i know Joyce preaches on why she couldnt be the virtuous woman..She gets the audience to laughing what? the virtuous woman.. As a young wife and mother i learned the fruits of the Spirit through housewifery ..I learned patience through motherhood...Dying to self comes naturally to a mother who is up every nite all nite taking care of a sick baby.Gal 5;22 .The fruit of the Spirit is Love , Joy, Peace , longsuffering , Gentleness, goodness and faith. . Meekness, temperance, against such there is no law. verse 25 says ..And if we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the Spirit..

Part 2   Marriage

Marriage is a covenant ..its a spiritual law and a physical law..its even a law of the land..Thats why you have to go to court to get a divorce..This law means less and less in our world today..But back in the 1950s when i was growing up was much harder to get a divorce.Then someone changed the law and the courts said you cud get a divorce for mental cruelty...But you had to prove it..And as time went on then it was easier and easier to prove..and now you can get a Divorce over anything..What i see happening in Christiandom is the wife puts up with her husband for a while.then she gets bitter and divorces him..Jesus said that He allows Divorce because of hard hearts..Not for freedom..but because our hearts get bitter with unforgiveness...and that bitterness is dangerous to a believer..Ya know too when you marry it is a contract..between you and God..and your husband..It says the contract can only be broken thru death..

Part 3  All is Well

Ya know i fight daily to keep on going..Yesterday as i prayed i saw clearly ..that if i didnt give up i wud see His glory..Oh i know this ..yes...i have seen this before..But it is a fight to stay up ..and to understand that weeping last for the nite but JOY comes in the Morning..But ya know? Jesus has rescued me many times..and oh the Victories have been grand..Its like when ya dont give up and you keep goin ..the Lord shows you things..Like He shows me so clearly once the smoke has cleared He seems to say ""Connie i was there all the time.." So long ago as i suffered in my marriage..i had no idea that Jesus was with me..But then NOW i see my writings going to over 80 countries..In those yrs of such brokenness i wud pray for Kenya in Africa..i had no idea i wud ever meet someone from Kenya..And i did hear from Kenya in an email..A lady said she wanted to be friends..But God heard my prayers...I just felt so alone in my early days of walking with  God..But truly He never left me ..He was with me in those dark days..He watches us in the arenas of life..he protects us,,Each days manna is perfect enuf for that day.Truly all is well and all is good things are moving as they shud..

Part 4  Our Cowboys

Ya know Ladies ? Mercy when i think of our world..well our USA..? i think "Oh what a mess"..But what an opportunity to be a weapon in the hands of the Lord. To build a strong nation we need strong homes..To change a country we need good mothers..But what i believe is the greatest need is men who are strong and wise..and ladies we are throwing these guys out the door by the truck loads..and our society is all for it..Every man is a supposed verbal abuser...i mean yes some men are verbal abusers ..and the wife is being destroyed by him..But i am speaking to the every day family..All men are not evil..Back in the cowboy days ..the bad guy cud always be won over by the lady of the hour..Folks wud say "Well Rose will tame him down,,wait until he is married and has a couple kids ,,that will tame him.." The woman was put up on a pedestal..She was the Angel, the guardian of the kitchen..She was the STAR of the Home..Now days is different..The Cowboy is told when and where he can ride his horse or if he can at all..and its sad..i never heard my mother tell my dad to clean up the house or do the wash..Dad took care of us when Mom was sick or something,,,But to give him regular housework to do..? never..!! How can women do that ? How unromantic..i mean if he wants to do it then fine..But to work all day and come home to a wife who expects him to vacuum ? Oh thats awful..the big lie is that womens housework is not important..womens work is important..Mother shud stay home and tend to her own business..her children ..

Part 5    Jesus is Lord

Anyway the Bible tells we mothers to honor our reverence and praise them..That they are as Jesus Christ in the home..We are to submit to them..".Well what if he comes in drunk "?Well if he dangerous then call the police,,if he is quiet about it,,then go on about your business and pray about it..If you stay out of sin when he comes in ....then thats good..The Lord sees all these things..But the main thing is that we build a spiritual Christian home..We need to commit to this...To build Christian homes..To change our Nation we need to change our minds ..Do we want a Christian Nation? Well it will be one home at a time..Our nation now is in such deep sin....its a wonder we havent been destroyed yrs ago.So far what has happened to our nation because we havnt obeyed God..?Millions of children have been aborted by their MOTHERS..Not to mention many children are raped and beatin half to death..We are raiseing generations of women who dont care about their own children,..They have to be reminded not to leave their kids in a locked car in hot weather ,,,and the babies suffocate..Oh God help us..! Wouldnt it be easier to obey Gods laws? Wouldnt it be easier to take the lower seat in humility...then to worry about womens rights ? Because believe me dear will bow day you will bow to a man ..His name is Jesus Christ!!!! Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is connie

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Stephanie said...

Good morning, Connie! I found your blog through JES's link-up. Thank you for writing this post and for sharing God's Word - my heart was blessed this morning.

Take care and have a lovely week!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Connie! Always love the long writings. I totally agree with you on Joyce. She is such a good speaker, and half comedian. So much deception there. The Bible is so clear on what the older women are supposed to teach. She doesn't teach Titus 2 or any other verses in the new testament that pertain to women. I would love to hear her preach on 1 Tim 2:9-15, or 1 Tim 5:14. ~Diane

Grantham Lynn said...

Great post. I came over from your Cowboys title from the link at Jess's. I noticed you have a Christmas book. I have a Christmas in August linky going on for two more weeks if you want to come by. In Sept. & Oct. I'll do fall and then back to Christmas. Come over and join!
Have a Blessed week.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for speaking the truth, Connie! Love, Katherine

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie. The Lady from Kenya is here. I still follow your writings and I am always blessed. The Lord uses what comes from a pure heart to bless others. Thank you so much for ministering to me and so many others.

Anonymous said...

This post spoke volumes to me, especially part 5. I printed it out and have it saved to reread as often as necessary. Thank you.

JES said...

Thank you for sharing this "food for thought" on the Art of Home-Making Mondays last week! Our new link up is up and running for this week if you would like to join us again :)

Anonymous said...

I love that we are weapons in the hand of God! Oh yes! Godly wives are a blessing to any man.
Our world is hard to navigate, but aren't we blessed to have our Lord.

Many Blessings,
Came over from Elizabeth's Marriage Monday.

Anonymous said...

God bless you


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