Monday, December 8, 2014

Dear Christmas Sisters

{From the Archives of Connie's letters, December 2011.}

Part 1 - "Old Time Friends"

Dear Christmas Sisters..

Last evening i called my old friends,,Ed and Barb Trecek..Ed is almost 90 and Barb is 82 yrs old..Barbara was my mentor along with MaryL.I mean she wasnt like Mary but she was always saying things like "Connie do you have food and everything"? She wud have given me the coat off her back,,She mothered me at 16 yrs old and she is still mothering me and i am 64 yrs old..She and Ed were our neighbors..and their daughter Evie won me to Christ..i was a wild thing..And i was sooo glad to meet Jesus..Well before i was saved i was aways getting picked up for speeding,,always in the newspaper for doin something..reckless driving and tryin to out run the cops..Then i accidentally ran into the Sheriffs car..They wud take my license and i wud go get a duplicate and keep on drivin..Mrs T wud ask me about it and i wud give her a load of crap..And she belived me ,,But after i got saved things were different,,i was asked to give my testimony many times at their home..But Mrs T and Ed her husband have stood with me for many yrs..i ask her and Ed last evening if they wud like to come for Christmas dinner ..Barbara {Mrs T} has such a sense of humor..So when i ask her and Ed to come for dinner she says "Oh no we cant come were old" i have laughed all nite over what she said..And when all the kids were home she wud bring sacks and sacks of food over..And i wud tell her "Oh dont give it to us" i wud try to stop her but she wud say.."Now look at all of those chairs at your table..How do you feed all those kids?"i wud say it was the Lord that fed them..and He took care of us..But i wud tell her "No really we are fine" She wud say "Yeah i know you are..well this is just a few things to tide you over"..Well so now i told her on the phone last nite that i was having about 20 for Christmas Dinner..Ed was on the other phone and they say together "Oh My Gosh" So they love that because now they can give me more food..

Part 2  -  "Christmas Friends"

Anyway Mrs T tells me on  the phone that she is bringing over food for my Christmas company..She and Ed wont be coming to our house for dinner..They want to stay home and will have dinner with the neighbors..i have begged them to come but..i cant get them to..Anyway so Mrs T tells me "Connie i will bring over some pies i have in the freezer.. Cherry and Apple." And she is bringing over a bunch of meat they get from this farm..Like chicken and fresh hamburger..Marys family will be here for about5 days or more so we will use that up..i am so thankful..Then Mrs T  names off a bunch of other stuff and asks me if i need it..i keep sayin "No" but she just keeps goin,,i talked to Danny last nite on the phone and i told him about talkin to Mr  and Mrs T and he laughed with me,,The kids will never forget our good friends..My kids always called Mrs T their Fairy God Mother...Anyway after i got off the phone i laughed and laughed ..i know Mrs T was sayin to Ed.."Connie is havin all those people over for dinner and she prolly dont have any food"...She is so used to me saying i have food when i dont,But now i do have food..Next week i will buy the ham and potatoes and other things i need,, for Christmas dinner...Tiff is bringing a big pan of  her corn casserole and my brother will bring a big pan of green bean casserole..Russ ..MaryLs husband is coming ..MaryL died ya know just 3 yrs ago..I am so happy Russ is coming..He ask me last evening on the phone,,"Connie what shud i bring"? I said "Nothing..we just want you to come"..Russ says "Well i wont   come empty handed,,"Well believe me we will have alot of food..Johnnys wife Lori is bringing loads of Christmas cookies..Mary has made alot of pumpkin bread..i do so love pumpkin bread..i will get to see my new grandbaby  Benjamin John ..John and Loris baby..John and Lori will come for the day and i will get to see Romeo..He is now 9 yrs old..Cant wait to see Baby Bella and Mary and Brad,,Then Tiff and our David and the 2 grands ,,Kam  8 yrs old and David James..5 yrs old...Dan and Jimmy and Chrissy will call on the phone on Christmas Day..It will be wonderful Christmas..

love Connie




Terri Presser said...

I just love hearing this, thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. I remember reading Connie's story in Above Rubies and I remember admiring her and shared her story whenever I could. What a blessings. Thanks

Terri Presser said...

I thought I had posted a comment so if this is a duplicate, I'm sorry.
I just wanted to thank you for linking up at Good Morning Mondays. I read your story in the Above Rubies magazine and admired the way you handle your issues. You are definitely a great role model for all women. Thank you for that and I thank God for you. Blessings


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