Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Women in The Pulpit

{From the Archives of Connie's letters, July 2012.}

Part 1 - Women in the Pulpit

OMG i guess i like to live dangerously!! The Ladies are on the grp
discussing whether it is right or not for women to preach and take
spiritual authority over men..Well to me it is like this.."Well yeah you
cud ride a cow to town to get groceries...But ya got a horse so why dont ya
just ride it ? The cow is busy with giving milk and quietly chewing her cud
and eating grass in the back 40..But still ..yes she is strong enuf to
carry our Harriett to town..The cow is as smart as a horse...well able to
do the deed.. But ladies it wud be alot easier to ride a horse????..The
Bible says a woman shud wear a covering to show she is under her husbands
authority.. i think this is one reason women have so much trouble with head
aches and nervous problems..and female problems.,,Wives and Mothers belong
at home ..They need a spiritual covering of peace,,They are not made to
bear the burdens of men..Our men are getting so stinkin lazy
spiritually..You Christian feminists feed your Baboons tons of bananas
..and they hardly have to go to work..Now ya wanna feed them spiritually
too? Why dont ya just put a big pacifier in his mouth and let him watch tv
all day while you go to work...Then he comes home from work ,,if he goes at
all..and he starts a fight with you so he can go play tv games at the
neighbors...How much more will you do for this baby before he runs out on
you? The wise woman wud see thru all of this...She wud see that she is the
weaker vessel..She will see that her place is in the home..Her gifts are
the hidden gifts ..the quiet meek spirit is her confidence..In quietness
and confidence you will find your peace..The works of righteousness is
peace and the effects of righteousness is is quietness and assurance
forever..Isaiah 32....

Part 2 - No Prayer ? No Power

There is Spirit of fear in our country right now that cud
stop a herd of buffalo on a dime..You women shud go HOME and get ready for
some Heavy interceding in the Holy Ghost..If ya dont know how to walk in
the Holy Ghost then Child of God .you better do some findin out... it isnt
money that is gonna keep you,,It isnt .your bright ideas that will save
you...There is Holy work to be done..Yes do your house work and care for
the children and submit to your husband...But we need to be spiritually
working too..We need to be spending at least an hour a day praying for our
families..We labor for gold..but no labor for the Holy Spirit..When you are
alone in the house, lay on the floor before Jesus and cry out to Him....Pray
Sister pray for your families..Except the Lord build your house they labor
in vain to build it..We dont know all of the secrets of the Holy
Spirit..But He is our counselor and our helper..our teacher..He will guide
us into all truth..We can trust in God ..He will care for us..No weapon
formed against us will prosper..its so important that you be able to depend
on God alone and His Word..If we get really upset we need to know how to
take our Bibles into the bedroom and read the Word until we feel better..I
am finally able to do this.,,Even if Jim had the tv on i cud pray in the
same room...and keep my mind on the Lord..Not always but most of the
time..i am still workin on it..But sometimes i have to pray for maybe 3 hrs
to get myself back to the Lords rest and peace..But do what you need to do
to keep yourself in the will of God..Great Christians who saw great
miracles were men and women who spent much time in prayer and fasting...No
prayer ? no Power..Much prayer..much Power..And send the nutty women who
are upsetting you back out the door..WHO CARES IF THEY DONT LIKE IT? Your
children and your husband need you at home ...to tend the home and to tend
to the business of the home..Your business at home is to sweep and vacuum
and bake and cook..Also it is to learn Wisdom and to learn how to work
Wisdom..If you get built up in God then no one can take you out..Be some
trouble for the Devil..Keep him on the run...Keep him scared of what you
will do next..{I am scared of what i might do next }soo i hope the devil is

Part 3  -  Our Stability

The Bible in Isaiah 33;6 says "And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times and strength of salvation ; the fear of the Lord is His treasure.." The Book of Proverbs is a Book of Wisdom..Prov 1;20 says Wisdom crieth without ;She utters her voice in the streets..verse 21 she crieth in the chief place of concourse in the openings of the gates ...Well we dont hear Wisdoms voice with our physical ears but with our spiritual ears..with our heart ears..we hear Wisdom speaking..And we hear Christian Feminism in the spirit also ..we hear it also with our heart ears ... But we also hear with our physical ears the voice of Feminism..It seems Feminism is everywhere ,,,being taught over the tv etc..Everywhere out in the world it is taught as if it was the Gospel Truth,,,The Bible calls the C.F. the strange woman..She isnt like the women of God..What are the traits ladies of the Bible based women..Can you find her traits in Proverbs? Can we discuss this in a quiet way ?  love connie

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Rare Titus 2 Mother

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, June 2012}

Dear Sisters of the Revolution..Good Morning,,PTL we are getting a
good rain this morning..Here in Iowa we have been as dry as
bones..Yesterday i pulled weeds..i cud hardly get them out as the ground
was so dry and stubborn..We have had to water our gardens every day..Even
 the vegetables arent growin that good..i have never seen a drier
season...i am so dry myself ..My words are coming out like the dry weeds
,,i can hardly pull them out,,i guess i need the rain upon my dry and
barren soul...Well the Lord always refreshes ,me..But i wanna scream "Hurry
Lord."..I know the devil isnt tryin to do me any favors ..by leaving me
alone.The Titus 2 Mother is about the most endangered species on earth..My
Jim always said that the married male was the most discriminated
person on earth.. .

Isaiah 32;17 "and the work of righteousness shall
be peace ...and the effects of righteousness quietness and assurance for
ever... verse 18 And my people will dwell in a peaceable habitation..and in
sure dwellings and in quiet resting places.."Oh i used to love to read
these scriptures when i was a young wife and mother..These words said to me
that if i was taking care of my home and family that this was a work of
righteousness ,,And as i did this work of righteousness i wud have quietness
and assurance in my heart...So often as Jim and i were raising our
children we wud come into a financial difficulty...i wud think of this
scripture..And i wud know that i was to continue to do the works of
righteousness..So i wud go into my kitchen and just start makin the next
meal or i wud stir up some yeast bread..i wanted to go lay on my bed and
cry.. But i knew Jim needed to see me walking in courage and faith..He
didnt need me to start lecturing him about what he shud have done so we
wudnt have to go thru this financial set back..i needed to walk by faith
and not look at the bad news in front of us..

Isaiah 33;6 says that Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of our
times...Proverbs is all about Godly wisdom..Prov 7;4 Say unto Wisdom thou
art my Sister ;and call Understanding thy kinswoman..Love connie

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Monday, February 9, 2015

To Walk With Those Who Sorrow

Good Morning Mothers..

Yesterday morning i woke up so full of depression and sorrow..i hobbled into the bathroom..i felt like a drunk person..i said "God what have i done to deserve this living hell?...whatever it was please forgive me..it must have been bad.."..I came out here in the livngroom ..and answered some emails..i tried to read my Bible..But my spirit seemed to flow like dry mud.." God why have you left me..?" i know i am supposed to be happy and positive and confess the Word.As i read my blog i read again about the cowboys going West to get free land.And yet their wives cudnt keep up with them as they had lived pampered lives ..Many wives died or lost their minds because of the hardships...They must have lived in constant fear of Indian Massacres and incurable diseases that swept thru the land killing whole families..Later on the government started letting women in prison out so they cud go west too and marry some of these cowboys...These women had lived tortured lives in the prisons ..So just to be free in the open air was glorious..even tho you have to fight indians to breath fresh air.i read one story about an Indian who had attacked this mother and her children.Another woman came along and attacked the indian and held him down until the Mother and her children cud get away..The attacking woman knew she cudnt hold the Indian down for long or over take him...But she some how held him back long enuf for the mother and her children to get away..Jesus was aquainted with grief..As we are filled with sorrow and walk with those who sorrow ..we minister to those who are broken down..We cant always help those who grieve..but we can walk with them..We can let them know we are there..We can use our own knowledge of our own grief to hold back their oppressors for a little while so the Mother and her children can get away...This is a privelesge..and an honor..to be able to speak deliverance to those who need it ...They open their hearts to you as they know that you suffer like them...There is a price to pay Connie...to see the supernatural..To see the captive set free....Will you walk with those who grieve? Can you hang on just a little bit longer ? You will see His Glory ..Walk with Jesus ...He understands your sorrow .. love Connie

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Patching and Sewing and Making Do

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, April 2012.)

Part 1 - Patching and Sewing Sheets

Ya know..After my Grandma died we found some old sheets she had
made,,They were made from feed sacks..You cud tell where they were ripped
up ,,,Like one had a big hole in the middle ..And she just patched it with
a big piece of cloth,,You cud use the old sheets as just a frame and put in
some material and patch it all again,,Thats what my Gramma did,,Well too
the flour sacks they made the sheets from were not big..So they had to sew
the pieces together anyway,,i am sure it was alot of work..It was sure
easier tho for them to patch the sheets rather then to have to make them
all over again,,One year when Jim and i were young,,he had to work outside
all winter,,Iowa winters can get bad ,,And that year it was very cold..Jim
had a pair of gloves that he had worn out..The palm of the gloves were
ripped..Well i sewed them up..We didnt have any money for gloves..And each
evening after supper we wud watch tv..And i wud get out my sewing basket
and patch Papas gloves,,Because every evening he came home with holes in
his gloves..i cant remember where he was working then,,But wherever it was
it caused the gloves to rip..But by the time winter was over Jims gloves
had 100s of stitches in them,,I was happy to sit with
Wildman in the evening and repair his gloves,to get them ready for him to
wear the next morning..,i loved hand sewing ..Sissy Joy hand sews the
outfits she makes..Just think of the Pioneer Mothers who made all of her
families clothes without a sewing machine....i was sitting in a chair of
Marys a few yrs ago..And i saw where she patched a hole in one of her
chairs..The chair was blue and it looked like the dog had ripped it,,She
took another material but the same color of blue and she patched it..i thot
that was really a good idea.

Part 2  - Makin' Do

Eat it up..Wear it out.. or Do without ..This was the motto for the
Depression era families,,But i can imagine the Mothers especially thot of
this motto daily..During this era folks had cars but had no money for
gas,,,They cudnt afford a postage stamp that cost only a few cents,,One
housewife reported that the letters wud stack up on the cabinet in the
kitchen waiting for 2 cents to come in from somewhere..so she cud mail a
letter to her folks.. One way i used to stretch our butter was as
follows..Well most of the time we ate margarine,,But if butter was on sale
this is what i did to stretch it..You can take a pound of butter and bring
it to room temp..Then put the butter in a bowl and pour in a can of
evaporated milk and beat it together ,,Then refrigerate it and use it as
you wud any butter,,i had an old-time crock i used to use just for this
butter,,This crock had a nice lid and i always used this only for
butter,,This crock was really old,,probably an antique,,i got it at a Garage
Sale.And ya know on the internet they have alot of Depression era
recipes..simple and good..i was watching a video of a woman making bread
from the 1930s..She made it from only flour and yeast and water,,Man i thot
you wud have to put in some kind of oil or salt at least..and some sweetener
to make the bread rise,,??? But this lady Clara who is 96 just made it so
simply..She made about 8 loaves of bread that afternoon,..The mothers back
then made bread twice a week..and then biscuits and pancakes in between...

Part 3  -  Rag Rugs

The Mothers in the olden days saved every bit of cloth they cud.The
smallest pieces they used for patching or quilting,,i remember my
grandmother making my brother and i rag rugs to put beside our beds,,The
mothers wud save their material in strips to make a rag rug..They wud wait
until they had a huge ball of strips and then they wud braid the strips
and coil them around and sew them into place..Or they wud crochet the
strips and coil them around and sew them ..i have seen crochet hooks for
rag rugs,,they are about a foot long,,i have made small ones to use for
chair cushions,,but not in a long time,,i just had to try it as it looks
fun, and it was. . . i braided mine,,You can get really creative with these rugs
and use them for alot of things,,Mothers always had button boxes ,,They wud
take the buttons off of any garment to use again...Also they wud take out
the zippers to use on another garment too..No one threw much of anything
away,,They wud save different wrappers from the store to pack a lunch..Its
fun to get creative and save things and try to think of different ways to
use them,,The old time mothers saved bread sacks and they even made the
crocheted rugs out of these bread sacks,,nothing was ever wasted,,And every
housewife had a ball of string to wrap things in,,These were the days
before scotch tape...love connie

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