Monday, February 9, 2015

To Walk With Those Who Sorrow

Good Morning Mothers..

Yesterday morning i woke up so full of depression and sorrow..i hobbled into the bathroom..i felt like a drunk person..i said "God what have i done to deserve this living hell?...whatever it was please forgive must have been bad.."..I came out here in the livngroom ..and answered some emails..i tried to read my Bible..But my spirit seemed to flow like dry mud.." God why have you left me..?" i know i am supposed to be happy and positive and confess the Word.As i read my blog i read again about the cowboys going West to get free land.And yet their wives cudnt keep up with them as they had lived pampered lives ..Many wives died or lost their minds because of the hardships...They must have lived in constant fear of Indian Massacres and incurable diseases that swept thru the land killing whole families..Later on the government started letting women in prison out so they cud go west too and marry some of these cowboys...These women had lived tortured lives in the prisons ..So just to be free in the open air was glorious..even tho you have to fight indians to breath fresh air.i read one story about an Indian who had attacked this mother and her children.Another woman came along and attacked the indian and held him down until the Mother and her children cud get away..The attacking woman knew she cudnt hold the Indian down for long or over take him...But she some how held him back long enuf for the mother and her children to get away..Jesus was aquainted with grief..As we are filled with sorrow and walk with those who sorrow ..we minister to those who are broken down..We cant always help those who grieve..but we can walk with them..We can let them know we are there..We can use our own knowledge of our own grief to hold back their oppressors for a little while so the Mother and her children can get away...This is a privelesge..and an be able to speak deliverance to those who need it ...They open their hearts to you as they know that you suffer like them...There is a price to pay see the supernatural..To see the captive set free....Will you walk with those who grieve? Can you hang on just a little bit longer ? You will see His Glory ..Walk with Jesus ...He understands your sorrow .. love Connie

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JES said...

Ah, to hang on in the hard times... We all need this encouragement! Thank you for sharing it on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)

Terri Presser said...

What a wonderful, thought provoking post. Thanks again for all that you share at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

Kathy said...

Praying for you, dear Connie. Love, Katherine


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