Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our House Plants

I miss seeing house plants in a home..They were so much a part of my growing up yrs.. Mother and her sisters all traded slips of each others geraniums.. My favorites were the dark pink rose geraniums..My Aunts wud have little glass jars with branches of flowers sitting in the kitchen windows.. "When the sun shines on the stems of the flower then this causes the little roots to form..Then when the roots are formed you can plant them in the dirt in a flower pot.. " i remember being at Aunt Eileens farm..i wud see her flowers in her big windows in the diningroom.. She loved African Violets..and had every kind and color she cud find..i thot they were hard to grow and not hardy enuf for my family to have around.. Love, Connie 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our Gardens

I have to laugh at my dear friend Bonni..We have been friends since she was  19 and i was 22 yrs old..She and i went thru alot together...She said to me  on the phone lately .."Connie sell that big old house and buy a  condomenium.". i said "Bonnie that wud kill me off for sure The outdoors  is a part of my home.." ..Each morning in the summer Jim wud get up early  in the morning..and go check the garden.. i wud look out the window to see  him with his coffee cup in his hand..Pretty soon he wud yellll "Mother  your tomato plants have little tomatoes on them" .,,i wud be busy in the  kitchen fixing Jims breakfast ..But i knew i wud have to go out and see the  garden with Jim before i did anything else..He loved his garden and i did  too...We really needed our fruits and vegetables .. Some of the neighbors  wud plant a garden and then let it die.,,i cud never figure that out.. i  used to take our children for walks in the neighborhood and we wud admire  the neighbors flowers..i always told my children that the poorest people  wud always have the prettiest flowers ..Well the poor people cudnt afford  to remodle so they wud plant pretty flowers to hide the broken foundation  on their house..Thats what the old time Mothers did too... And i did the  same thing with the tiger lillies in our front yard..when our foundation  was crumbling.. The old time Mothers decorated alot with flowers.. i miss  having the old time house plants too.. Love, Connie


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