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Book:  "Dear Kitchen Saints:  Letters from an Iowa Housewife"

Author:  Connie Hultquist

Publisher:  The Legacy of Home Press

Paperback, 334 pages.

From the Back Cover:

"Connie's incredible marriage testimony went into Christian homes all over the world in 2000, by way of Above Rubies Magazine.  Since then, she has been writing letters to encourage homemakers in hard times, and troubled homes.

Here you will read about her days at home, her memories, and the lessons she's learned.  You will enjoy her delightful sense of humor, and learn from her 'hillbilly' wisdom.

During her letter writing years, she became a widow, losing her beloved husband.  You will be encouraged as she continues to keep the home, with its precious memories, as she shares her life with the next generation of mothers.

You will be greatly encouraged by this 'Kitchen Saint' who many lovingly call, 'Mother Connie.'  She is a very dear Titus 2 virtuous woman."

Connie writes about:

- American Poverty

- Family and Home

- Marriage

- Raising Children

- Homeschooling

- Thrift

- Gardening

- Old Time Cooking and Baking

- Staying Home

- The Danger of the Prosperity Gospel

- The Danger of Feminism and of "Christian Feminism"

- Her memories

- Encouragement for homemakers

- Amazing Faith

- The Power of Prayer

- Daily life at her Iowa Home

- Her incredible Marriage Testimony

Reviews from Readers:


"This book is an inspiration to women young and old. There are stories that will make you laugh and some that will make you cry. The words in the book have a beautiful flow that makes it hard to put it down."

- Madmom from Amazon.


 "An inspirational story of a wife who loved her husband and her family through years of suffering and praying for her husband's salvation. Very motivational for homemaking and making pennies stretch."

- Hope, from "Goodreads."


"Put away all the Self Help "How to Be a Good Christian Wife Books." This is all you will ever need. I have known Connie for a decade. She is the real deal. She walked the walk and believed and God blessed her for her faithfulness. She is a salt of the earth - what you see is who she is kinda gal. She is a good friend in the best of times. In the darkest hour of my marriage she was a rock and always -always points you to Jesus. I have my own marriage miracle now and I thank God every day. I am also thankful to Connie for her obedience to the Lord. She is such a phenomenal mentor to so many young and not so young Christian wives with less than perfect marriages."

- J. Johnson from Amazon.

"I have read books that are theological heavyweights on religion, but this book is a heart heavyweight on a personal relationship with God. Connie is a rare gem, telling it from her heart. She shares how she got through all of the things in her life that would destroy most people. But she got through it because her faith and her relationship with God carried her through it. She worked hard and wasn't afraid to work hard to feed her family or make a Christmas for them, the whole time displaying a love for the Lord. If you want a feel good materialistic book on Christianity, this is not for you. It is also written the way she speaks, which for some people might be difficult to understand. But to me, there is a beauty in being true to who you are and just telling your story without trying to look good or impress people. She is a sweet Christian lady, and after reading this book, I am blessed."

 - Gayle from Amazon.

"This is a woman after my own heart. She speaks the truth, which is so rare nowadays - even in Christian circles! I love her heart for the home and for her children and husband. I'm not quite finished with the book yet, but I can confidently say I wholeheartedly recommend it - especially for young mothers and wives."

- Anna from Amazon.

"Just great inspiration the way it should be. Encouragement for those women/mothers who need support with great wisdom and a sense of humor, as well. Just can't give it enough stars! Thank God for this book, is all I can say!!"

- Chrystal from Amazon.

"Mrs. Hultquist writes from the heart.. she will encourage you as you strive for a more godly life at home. Many of her writings echo things in my own life.. She has a heart for the homemaker.. I highly recommend this book!"

- Anita from Amazon.

"Perfect example of a Titus 2 wife. A big inspiration for those of us looking for a more Godly life."

- Laura from Amazon.

"Great book, I loved reading her stories to commitment to her marriage and her trust in The Lord. Awesome that this woman of God is willing to share the really hard stuff and still remain strong in her marriage.. So sad when her husband died."

- Sherri from Amazon.

"I just love this book! Even my mom-in-law picked it up and started reading (she's 81). keep up the good work Connie!"

- Janet from Amazon.

"If you have read Connie Hultquist's "Bring Him Home" testimony, you will recognize her vibrant and free style of writing in this fat book of advice (practical and spiritual), personal experience, and tenacious faith. While she often doesn't stick with her original topic, her deviations into memories and kindred insights bring a warm "conversational" feel to the letters. Connie isn't proper and "your normal Christian lady" as she says. Be prepared for a lot of "back-woodsy" lingo and "blunt and up front" expressions. But for those experiencing the turmoil of an unfaithful or wayward husband along with all the challenges that poses, she provides a friendly and experienced shoulder to lean on. She emphasizes the need to stand on the promises of God, embracing the difficult swings by faith, and pressing on in hope. Connie also shares much from her experiences and desires to be the supportive wife in the home, from the years when her husband was the man of the place (in answer to many tears and prayers). The wide range of topics she covers includes saving money, cooking tips, exposing the evils of feminism and abortion, dealing with fear, raising children and much more. The book is divided into parts: 1 - Marriage, Home and Family; 2 - Entering Widowhood; 3 - April 2013 Reflections. The Appendix shares her "Above Rubies Marriage Testimony.""

- R. Erickson from Amazon.

"This book will uplift any women who is going through some hard times in their marriage and it will bring hope to the hopeless because Connie came through a hopeless situation to see the victory that she had been standing for in her marriage...she shares many jewels in this book that will help you to be the Christian wife that is a shining beacon in your family."

- Lynetta from Amazon.

Connie's Book:  "Dear Kitchen Saints:  Letters from an Iowa Housewife" is available for sale through Amazon.

ISBN-13: 978-0615834153
ISBN-10: 0615834159