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The following is a list of Recipes from Connie's Kitchen. She will add to them, regularly, as she is able. 

Copyright 2014 by Mrs. Connie Hultquist

Homemade Catchup
Good Afternoon Ladies, i was just reading my Carla Emery book..This book is a recipe book and has old fashioned recipes in it.Almost every fall i wud make catchup for my Jim..The recipe calls for 8 pounds of tomatoes..i wud use the tomatoes from my garden..8 pounds wud be about 16 medium sized tomatoes. Ok you need a big turkey roaster to make this catchup.So put that out next to the stove ...Get your blender out and throw in as many tomatoes as you can get in there..You dont need to peel the tomato.. have on hand 3 cups of vinegar ,,Grind the tomatoes up with part of the vinegar and pour it in the roaster..chop and peel 3 whole onions and some green peppers..and more vinegar out of the 3 cups i mentioned..dont throw all of your vinegar out as you go..just keep blending the tomatoes and peppers until they are all chopped up each time leaving some vinegar in the blender to keep enuf liquid to blend more..So now you have 16 tomatoes and 4 onions and a bunch of peppers all ground up and in your turkey roaster.Now add to this 3 cups of sugar..3 Tbs of salt ..1 tsp of cloves ..1 and half tsps of cinnamon..Put the pan in the oven and bake it uncovered for about 5 hrs..Bake at about 300 degrees..Be sure to cut the core out of the tomatoes ..and any bad spots..but you dont have to peel them..this recipe makes about 5 connie

Swiss Steak

Ok this one is called Swiss Steak..Just fry up hamburger patties in a skillet ..Or if you need more space just bake them up in a cake pan in the oven..When the patties are half done just drain them and add some carrots and potatoes around the patties..and maybe some onion slices..Then dilute some tomato soup and spread this over all the beef patties..Use 2 cans of tomato soup if you are using a big pan..I wud bake it all at about 350 degrees..and cover it with tin foil ..Its done when the carrots and other vegetables are moderately soft..or however your family likes them..Love connie

Tator Tot Casserole

 Dear Mothers, These old time recipes is what we raised our children on..This next recipe was a sure fire hit for my children..TATOR TOT CASSEROLE..i wud get out my big 9 by 13 baking pan..i wud spread 2 pounds of hamburger flattened ..When it is half done i wud drain it...Then i wud cut it into 8 squares...Then in a separate bowl mix the drained green beans with mushroom soup ..Then spread this mixture over the meat ..Then on top of that put the Tator Tots..Bake this in the oven until the Tots on the top are browned..If you dont have time to buy the tator tots just make up some mashed potatoes and plop them on the top of the casserole..Then bake this at about 325 degrees..we called this dish Shepard's Pie...This is very connie

A Ham Dinner

   My Mentor Mary Lehman always had unexpected company..Here is a simple recipe she used to use..Take a small ham enuf for 4 ..And put it in your roaster..wash and cut up 4 large sweet potatoes..and fit these around the ham..and over all of this pour a can of fruit cocktail..juice and all..Then bake this at 350 degrees...for at least an hour..Prick the potatoes with a fork to make sure they are done..For Easter you may want to try this..instead of using fruit cocktail just put pineapple on top of a ham..i wud use a tooth pick to keep it on the top..Then put cherries in the hole of the pineapple ring..Put about a cup of brown sugar on the connie

Ham Gravy and Biscuits

Good Afternoon Dear Mothers..ya know yrs ago when the food was so scarce ? i made this one meal..i will never forget it..I had a small piece of ham and i had potatoes..So i got out my big skillet and i cooked the piece of ham..i then took the ham out and put it on a plate..Then from the drippings in the skillet i fried the potatoes..Then i took the potatoes out and i shredded the piece of ham and put this in the skillet and made gravy ..To make gravy i put some oil in my skillet{ about a Tbs }and a forth of a cup of flour...and 2 cups of milk or half water and half milk..Now stir
this gravy until it thickens..i think i made Baking Powder biscuits too..i usually do if i make gravy..But what i was trying to do is use the ham drippings to season the potatoes and the gravy..Love connie


More Recipes Coming soon. . .

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