Monday, July 8, 2013

Letters to Jim

Part 1

My letters wud begin "My Darling Husband"..His wud begin "To my Darling
Wife" or " My Beloved Wife"...At first yrs ago cud only write 2
pages..So i wrote on notebook paper..i wud write 2 lines of writing where
only one line of writing shud go..You wud almost need a magnifying glass to
read it..But this way i got double the amount of writing on 2 pages..Of
course all of the letters were CENSORED....And our Jill on the grp gave me
rides to go see Jim atleast once a month...I wud go in the prison and then
i had to be frisked etc..and then put my purse in a locker..Then i went to
this big gate of iron and that wud then BANG shut..Then another gate was in
front of me and that gate opened and i went upstairs to a visitng
room..Well i didnt feel like a missionery but at times i was..The Lord had
called me to be married in a prison..and to help my husband.. i didnt know
the Lord when Jim and i met and he didnt know God either.i was only 18 and
he was 25 when we met..And our lives together were always marked by those
early days of walking from one miracle to the next...

Part 2

the Bible does say that a woman is not to take spiritual authority over the
man..They are to teach children and the older woman is to teach the younger
woman to to be keepers at home..But the woman is not to. take authority in
the church..This kinda put me between a rock and a hard i am to
submit to my own husband..But i began to teach Jim very humbly about
faith..At the time there were prayer meeting and Bible Studies starting
up in the prison...Different preachers from the outside were starting
Prison Ministries ..It was about this time that Jim began circulating some
of my letters that were teachings on faith...i think some of those letters
are still there in the prison..Jim just felt that he wanted the other men
to know about faith too.. Isnt it something how God moves to get the Word
of God to those who need it... Love Connie

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