Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Submit to Your Husband

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, December 2007}

Mary having gone to see Gram last nite has gone along ways with me.
Most of my burdens are gone..i was praying this morning and the
Lord ministered to me so much..I understood it to be like this..i
guess it was an angel speaking but i will say it in my own
words.."Connie all the time Jim was on the earth and i told you you to
submit to him as into the Lord you did.He guided you and you followed
him..But you werent following him you were following Me..So when he
died you kept feeling his presence that was Me? Jim and i were one
and you and i are one..Jim was your spiritual head..your priest..Most
wives dont understand this spiritual order and power..The rules i set
down thru Jims leading was My..{Gods} leading.Sure Jim was only a man
but he was called as your priest and spiritual leader.I led you as
Keeper at Home..Jim was a shepard to you.." This was the understanding
i got..See i was looking at some photos of our family after i got home one i was with Jim and holding Baby Rose on the
couch..You cud tell i lived under Jims shadow..I gave Jim all of my
burdens to bear..He protected me from the world..From people who came
against me..or sharp comments from my children..When people wud ask if
i worked outside the home Jim wud say "Connie has already worked hard
enuf without going out to work..She raised 6 children and that is
enuf"..i was made to feel like a delicate flower that never got
bruised..Jim carried the burden of home and car repairs and all
financial burdens..Like Jesus he was my burden bearer..My ministry was
the work inside the home..Keeping the house clean and meals on the
table..caring for the children and later helping with the
grandchildren...But Jim was my guide..And he was my guide in the hard
times too..when he was in prison.before Jim was saved .When he left me
in our first yrs of marriage i abided where i was left..Yes i rebelled
and i hated it..But i wud pray and the Lord gave me peace in my place
as wife and mother..i had a marriage., before Jim was saved..Not a
good one but it was a marriage in Gods was a place for me to
be tested and tried..And when the tests were too hard the Lord wud
take Jim away..And Jim paid for his sins against me..The Lord wud put
him in prison..Jim knew that it was not good to harm Gods anointed..In
later yrs he told the boys "Dont ever mess with your mother she will
get you in the end" Well the kids knew that God was my protector and
Jim knew it too..But if you go around standing up for yourself and
looking after your own way then God cant protect you..Lean on God and
God will make things right in your life..Be patient and let the Lord
guide you thru your husband..Love connie


Anonymous said...

Oh Connie, I love this message.

Anonymous said...

just what I needed to hear....thank you!


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