Monday, August 5, 2013

Holy Housewifery

Part 1

Dear Sisters,

Its so wonderful to be a housewife...i loved submitting to my husband and letting him be the head of the house..i remember visiting Jim in jail ...As i sat on this 3 legged stool balanceing myself ...the stool was sposed to be 4 legs, i had to talk thru this lil i had to scootch down and yet keep my leg where it was to be to hold up the stool...i prayed "Lord give me the words to say to this man.."The Lord says "Well he is the priest of your home....Nothing has changed,"So i said to Jim...i cant pay the light bill,,or the gas bill what shud i do?"he told me how to juggle the bills...and i followed what he all worked out i guess,,I am still here....Nothing ever got shut off except for the phone did a few times..This was the old jail..i mean that place was rat infested and wudnt believe it,,Soon after this they built a new jail..But the door you went into to visit had no door nob,,The door was full of holes and a decent dump wudnt have taken it..You had to just pick a hole and put your hand in it to open the door,,That door just hung there dont ask me how.But this was my life. i followed Wildman where ever he went..i followed him in prayer.i had to get it settled in my heart that he was the head of our home..i did submit to Jim as unto the Lord...Submission to your husband is a verrry large part of your armor ..dont let your pride {satan} talk you out of it..

Part 2

 Ya know we learn obediance to the Lord thru the things that we suffer..As we submit to our husbands , as we humble ourselves...Preachers arent teaching this in the church..its so sad..The big message of the day is "Woman you are loosed".. Loosed from what ? Loosed from what the Bible says about your place as keeper at home..The loosed woman is the one who CAN trust in the Lord and His Word.Some of these preachers from the pulpit seem to be trying to give the Christian wife and Mother an attitude ..A smarty pants personality...What are they doing to our country? Its like these preachers are either ignorant ..or they have an agenda to chase the home makers out to get a job..A two income family can sure give alot more money then a family with a stay at home mother..i mean i am not telling you all anymore then what you know already..the problem is that we as Mothers dont want to stand alone..The social gospel will give us happiness for a while..But of all the times to be spiritually lazy ? i mean thats dangerous in this age..Truth ..Gird your loins with Truth ..its part of the whole armor of God,,Eph 6...Also 2 Tmothy 2;3 and 4 ..Thou therefore ENDURE hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. Also `the 4th verse No Man {or woman}entangles himself or her self with the affairs of this life..that she may please Him who hath chosen her to be a connie

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Anonymous said...

I am so blessed to see spiritual sensibility!!! My eldest sibling divorced her husband (he was undiagnosed bi-polar) and it broke my heart. Poor thing was 'thrown under the bus' by her deceiving him that if he got well (threatening divorce as an encouragement??!) she would stick with him. They separated while he was in denial over his ailment. He crashed, ended up in the hospital and moved back in with his elderly mother. After he was somewhat stabilized, she served him divorce papers. This, after 8 kids and 26 years of marriage!!!!! She remarried. One key: she always wanted 'more' in life. Now she has the house, the vacations....but...honestly, not anything. She threw away her God-given "treasure", for her ex was never given the chance to be the head of her home, even while married.

Thank you, Connie. I am blessed by your place here.


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