Monday, August 26, 2013

Trail Blazers

Dear Mothers of the home..

Ya know things in our country are so bad it seems...i dont even watch the news..i figure "Why scare myself half to death,,?" If we get all bent out of shape now..then when real trouble comes we will drop dead ...This is a time to get built up in the faith,,,Let the days trouble be sufficient for that day.Satan tells us we wont ever make it..He says we are doomed because of our sins.Well yes there is enuf sin goin on ..its a wonder the Lord lets us live another day..Thank God for His mercy..!!!But what our country needs cant be bot..We need Mothers with tender hearts towards their children..and their husbands,,Women who are wise and hear from God..A few wise women who know how to pray cud change our Nation..Mothers look away from the worldly and cry after His wisdom..When i first homeschooled our children was 1988..i knew one other family who homeschooled in my town..Later i met more..But one woman told me how to get started...i had no idea...Homeschool books were no where to be found ..You had to order them in the mail..But i just got work books...i cudnt afford books..But i used to pray and ask God to help me to get the right books for my 4 children...Over and over the Lord wud get the books for me that i needed..But oh the devil howled at me every day ..trying to scare me into not home schooling..But all of we homeschoolers just kept on going...i faught the system for the sake of my own children,..i really wasnt thinking of fighting for the laws to be changed etc.i always said i wud hide out and teach my own but not someone elses children..But as i faught for my own children my life began touching many other parents ...And they began homeschooling....All they needed was an example...We lived 4 blocks from the elementary school..And the folks around me cud see that the police were not carrying us off..So people thot if Jim and i had the nerve to do this and that we werent in jail ...then they cud do it too,,,and they did..!!!...But we need the trail blazers..We need the pioneers to get us moving..A girl named Cindy was my example..She lived at the edge of town,,She told me how to do it and that is all..I thot she was goimg to take me by the hand and teach me...Surprise Connie she isnt..!!!It was all up to me..Jim had to go to work..and i was left at home to either make it or not..


He Sets You Free said...

Its so true isn't it Connie, sometimes people need to see that leap of faith played out. Stopping by from Teach Me Tuesdays. Have a blessed week. Tara.

Jan @ Another Hatchett Job said...

I think that homeschooling has helped me to build my faith almost more than anything else. It has taught me to pray, pray, PRAY and to absolutely depend on HIM to provide the answers I seek.

I just dropped by from Homemaking Link Up!

I am currently in the middle of a series on we we chose to homeschool that you may find interesting.


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