Monday, September 2, 2013

Mother's Fur Coat

Part 1

Dear Mothers, yesterday Aunt Toots and i were on the phone talking..We were talking about Jim...and how he always worked..etc..He wud do any kind of work..i was always proud of him for that..I admired him..Ya know the man had alot of rejection in his life....He had every reason this side of Heaven of condemnation..he had alot of rejection ...Anyway i told Aunt Toots a story about my fur Coat..She said "Connie have you ever told this story to the grp"?? I said i didnt think i had...

Ok this story took place in about 1979..Jim had just come to the Lord.Well of course we felt we were riding on slow boat to China. . looking....4 a reason to hope..This story took place in the springtime..Jim was working for the City as a garbage man..He happen to be working on "Spring Pick up Day"This is when the city wud pick .up old couches etc ..The winter was ending..But all thru the previous winter i had prayed for a white fur coat..well i didnt get one..but i thot "Well maybe next winter i cud get one..." i had told my family i was praying for this white fur coat..So anyway i cud hear the garbage trucks down the street coming up this way.i loved to wave at Jim from the door..But here comes Papa walking up the street with a big white flat box..

Part 2

Papa comes in the house with the big box.."Hurry and open it the guys are waiting for me out front.."..As he laid it on the table he says "Here ya go..its your white fur coat" !!! The box was clean and the fur coat was was wrapped in white tissue ,inside a nice flat box..Some one had just laid it on top of their garbage ..The coat had a tag on it from the cleaners.And of course it fit me perfectly..Oh my friends all came over to see Connies lovely fur coat..OOh i loved my pretty coat..At the time i cud wear about a size 9..But in the next 5 yrs i had 3 more i grew out of the coat..pretty quick..But i saved my coat as i thot maybe i cud cut it down for our Mary..but ya know with 3 little ones i was too busy to make a coat..But i think my coat is still in the attic..i will have to look for it..i adored that lovely white fur coat..But i especially loved it as it said to me that Jesus had my address.and He had heard my prayers...My prayer was so specific..and the answer was specific too..I was learning faith right then ..and that dear little coat spoke volumes to me.."Dear Papa in Heaven remember that fur coat? was sure an answer, wasnt it?..Thanks my Dear for bringing presents to me and for loving me" Love, Your Beloved wife Connie


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