Monday, September 16, 2013

Homemakers of the Wild West

Part 1
Dear Mothers, i remember yrs ago reading this story about the pioneers traveling West.. i was thinking of this story today..Anyway the author was writing about how the men wud bring their families acrossed the plains to find land and to be established..Many of the women died because the work was so hard..These women were from the East and had lived pampered lives..Sooo many of the men cudnt find wives to take West..So the government let some of the women out of prison to go West to meet and marry these cowboys as they needed strong help mates...The pampered women werent working out..And ya know i have always said that if it werent for the babies being born out of wedlock there wudnt be hardly any babies at all..The more sophisticated women are on birth control..and can afford abortions.. It really gets me how women can carry their sign in Christiandom against abortion and they have the same heart as the women who are for it..But the more high class can hide their sins better then the poor woman..Neither side is trusting in the Lord for the size of their family..But anyway thank the Lord for the more poor class of people that keep their babies and raise them...and many raise them for the Lord..
Part 2 
But anyway the women prisoners were used to the cold nights and hardly any blankets.. They were used to not having enuf to eat or drink..Indians didnt scare them ..They knew what to do when sickness came and no Drs were around..They were not skilled in sewing a fine seam or drinking their tea correctly ...But they were what many of the men needed for a help mate..They were poor women who were given another chance at life out of the prisons..And many took that chance and some proved to be strong and faithful mothers and wives..The Government also emptied the poor houses and orphanages where older women lived..These women were given another chance to make it in this life..and they took it.. The women had courage and knew the laws of nature and common sense.. A piece of land cud be theirs too if they cud only hang onto it..and prove up on it...If they didnt get scared and run off some place..and give up..And today i think we Christian women need to show another side of our character.. We have to build strong spiritual homes and learn to live in them.We need MOXIE when we pray..We need an ornriness that wont let go when satan trys to lie to us..i read a story too about this young bride during the Depression..She cudnt afford any garden tools to make a garden in the Spring..Her husband plowed up an area for her..But she had no hoe or rake...So she took her broom and she poked holes in the dirt with the handle and put seeds in the ground..Then she took the broom part and swept the dirt over the seeds.."Where there is a will there is a way"We shud embroider this on our pillow slips and let this be our motto..Because when Jesus calls us to do our great work He needs our will..And in Him we are strong...Love Connie


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the verse Prov 24:10 "If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small."
Sometimes I want to give up at the smallest difficulty! Thanks for the encouragement to persevere!

Rita said...

Thank you for this piece of history of your country. I love it. I love the way you apply it to life now.

Warm greetings: Rita

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your book. It is so very good and a great teaching tool. It has spoken to my heart and I am reading it constantly as it opens my heart to so much truth. I have spent many hours reading Happy Housewifery and wept many tears both for my own ignorance which is being revealed and for what I know is pain and suffering in your life which I read between the lines. Connie, thank you for your writing and opening up your life situations which have such a BIG teaching impact -like a wallop or punch of truth. I would love to see a book on your wisdom writings which have spoken to me. Thank you and especially I thank Jesus who saw the big picture in the 1960's when you were first married! He is to be praised. Thank you. Antonia.

Tya Buie said...

To truly run a house can be a brutal task.Often I find many women work to avoid being at home and caring for their children. It is easier to submit them to a day care and ignore the home.


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