Thursday, October 24, 2013

Remembering Homeschooling

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, January 2012}
Good Morning Mothers and Wives of a New Revolution,
As the day went on yesterday i kept thinking of our little Homeschool we had..i taught the children the basics of reading music..They practiced the piano about 20 minutes a day in the afternoon..We had 2 pianos and one little cord organ,,The kids wud play all of these at the same time,,i enjoyed it.i mean not if they pounded on the piano,,no..But i sure liked the sound of the piano better then the sound of tv..But the kids cudnt play the piano if Jim was resting and getting ready for work..Thats not fair to make a man go thru all of that before work..i cud stand the noise but it drove Jim nuts..My husband was first in my Life,,i made a quiet home first for Jim and the schooling was 2nd..And Jim knew i homeschooled in the mornings so he never had the tv on in the mornings..But then in the afternoon he wud turn it on after lunch to watch something and rest before work,,But in the mornings he wud run errands and made out his bills..He knew he was first in my life and he tried to be quiet when i was homeschooling..And i ran my school very privately..i knew i wud only have the 3 youngest for a short while..i put everything i had into them..And Papa did too..He wud talk to the kids in such a personal way..Jim was a good father to them..And he told the oldest 3 how sorry he was about his life as an unbeliever..As i schooled my children i appreciated my time with them,,it was golden..i taught them from old books of wisdom..i submitted myself to my husband as far as the teachings,,i never taught my children things that wud have been against Jims teachings,,To me it was a sin to try to go over Jims head or his authority in the home,,You will make or break your school over this very thing,,A man wont support you in your place as teacher if you dont respect him..

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