Monday, October 7, 2013

Ladies Home Companion 1800's

Part 1

This old book is my favorite ..or one of my most favorite books..i just
looked it up on the net..It is one of the first books of the modern Ladies
Home Journal that we are familiar with today..i got this book in about
1988 or so..This book oh man alive ...what a spirit it has on it..This book
taught me so much..Well here is how i got it..I love Antique Stores..Well
Wildman and i were out spending some time alone together and we were in
this one Antique Shop..Well i saw this book i am telling you about..I mean
when i saw this book ?..inside i went balistic..i picked the book up and i
prayed like a hound dog that i cud get this book..But it was 18 BUCKS..So i
held the book and i tried to eat it with my eyes.. i tried to read it as
fast as i cud..i mean the book is about 2 inches thick..Jim is watching
me,,,from about 20 feet away..I saw him out of the corner of my eye..I knew
he wud tell me its time to go..So i began reading even faster..Hoping that
some how i cud get this book inside me..Jim comes up beside me..."Are you
trying to read the whole book while we are here?" I said "Oh yes i am"
..."How much is it"? i said "its 18 dollars"...Well we didnt even discuss
it any further..But when i got home i tried to write down as much of it as
i cud remember..

Part 2

Well anyway we had to go and i had to leave my lovely book at the Antique
Shop..But ya know back then in the 1980s ..18 Bucks was alot of
money..Papa was never stingy with me,,No if he had the money in his pocket
he wud have given it to me..Ok..well the next day we had to go to the
store..When we came home with the groceries we set them on the table..And i
looked at the table..Was that my book i saw? It was like seeing a
ghost..really..i thot "How did that book get to my house?' ....." MaryL
brot it over Mom" Sissy tells me....Jim and i were only gone about an
hour..So anyway i called Mary to thank her..Well i told her about my book a
few days before but i never expected her to go buy it for me..And with all
the books at that shop did Mary know which book i wanted? Now thats
the real question.. Well God knew where the book was..and He wanted me to
read it.. Well this book.. like i have said has brot me much joy for many
yrs..And ya know i dont even know that i prayed for the book .... i guess
the angels were just watching me tryin to inhale a book i cudnt afford..
and they prolly just felt sorry for me or something..and they gave Mary a
message to get me that book..and how they showed her which one..i dont
know..So yesterday i found some writing in my pink notebook that i know i
wrote after reading my book ..So i will copy that in the following pages..

Part 3

Ok here is some of my old writings from about the 1980s.. "A Mothers
heart shud never be fettered.. She shud have a lite musical merry
heart..Other families problems shud be their own business" Note; Jim had
just gotten saved and i was about to i lived a more private
life.. Few people even knew our testimony..i mean close family friends did
..but i sure wasnt tellin anyone else} For it is quite enuf to be a love
servent to her family..a salve to their weary worn hearts..A prayer warrior
to purge them thru danger..She must pray for their protection and ask the
angels to protect them..and ask God to give them wisdom.. Note: we were
getting ready to homeschool also in 1988..So the Lord was really calling us
into hiding more then we ever knew..We only knew 2 other homeschooling
families}"She must teach her children the Word of God. Teach them the
fruits of the Spirit. She needs to cultivate in them a love for music..To
play an instrument and teach them to sing to Jesus..She must instill
harmony and love in her home..and tender heartedness towards each other
and others outside the home.. Most of all she needs to be an example to her
family ..Her example is the foundation of all of her teachings..Mothers
shud not underestimate their work ..They shudnt feel that because they are
house bound that they are unimportant to society..For what a mother speaks
to her children secretly they will shout from the roof tops..Her voice isnt
heard now ..but some day it will..Her life will be heard thru her
children...So Mothers hearken to the voice of the Lord..In malice and
deceit and wickedness be children..But in wisdom , understanding and
knowlege be as queens..Know the ways of your household and know your own
hearts".Well i have to stop here..things are gettin connie

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anita crane said...

I love old books on homemaking! This looks like a treasure. Thank you for sharing!


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