Monday, November 4, 2013

Good Morning Sisters

Well yesterday morning i was supposed to be cleaning my livingroom...but was writing to Sheila instead ..that was more fun..Anyway here i am in the midst of my papers flying around and 2 pairs of shoes in the middle of the floor..And a pillow and blanket half off the couch..and someone came to the door..It was these ladies from a church asking me to come.Well i invited the ladies in..I threw my pillow and blanket over the back of the couch and quick got my shoes out of the way..All the while apologising..Oh what dear ladies they were..The younger lady introduced herself"My name is Jaunita" she said..i said to her "that was my grandmothers name..i hardly hear that name anymore" i thot it was odd as she sort of reminded me of Grandma Jaunita...The other lady was older..i said to her as i was throwing things out of the way..."Well i am a writer and i was sposed to be cleaning and i started writing"..The older lady said "Oh yes i know"..Well we talked and visited..The older lady told me she had an eye operation etc.well this older woman was very pretty..i will call her Ruth..As they were leaving Ruth came over to my chair to show me a Bible verse..i said "well you sit down and i will stand up.."No..No" she said i am fine." So she stands there showing me things in the Bible..then she told me she was 90 yrs old..and she said her husband had died 3 yrs ago..i tried not to cry ..i cud barely say that i had lost my husband 7 yrs ago..She looked at me with the most courageous face...Her face was like a flint straight ahead..The look on her face was the only thing in the world that kept me from breaking down and crying..Then she said " I was married to my husband for 70 yrs.."and she was a strong woman,,Very pretty..She was not shakey or frail in any way.She was very pretty,,She wore a purple wool coat..and her hair was pure white.i said "You are in good health."? and she said yes except she had an eye operation and it all came out good..She said when she had the operation she was awake and well..Then she told me that we wud both see our husbands again in heaven..She said that was her only hope that she cudnt have lived without knowing she wud see her husband again..She had a God confidence on her face like i have never seen..She walked tall and confident.and spoke with such strength...i said that i had been married for almost 40 yrs when Jim died..There was 110 yrs of married life between us..Forty years seemed such a short time ..after that..i kept thinking..."She was married 70 yrs? She acted like she loved it too.."i do wonder if she was an angel? and her friend Jaunita? As she stood by me and i looked at her hands as she was showing me this verse..Her hands looked young,not old..And her face was pretty.....very connie

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Anonymous said...

Thats Beautiful Connie! Showing hosptality even though our homes are not perfect is always a blessing! I agree she was sent from God to bless you! ~Diane

gail said...

How lovely for you. Well maybe they were angels just sent with a special message for you.
Just finished reading your book. Had a few tears when I read about your loss, but I too believe we'll be with those we love again.
Blessings Gail.(from Australia)


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