Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Old Time Thanksgiving

   I remember the old time Thanksgivings we used to have..Uncle Clarence loved to tease us kids..The cousins all played outside in the cold ..Our mothers wud call to us..from the door."Get your hats on and button your coats..Uncle Clarence lived on a farm..with his big family..And my 2 brothers and me loved it..When we wud come in the house to get uncle wud tease us and try to get us to laugh..But he wud say.."Well Connie cudnt come this year for Thanksgiving..? "i was about 5 or 6 yrs old..i wud say to Uncle ..i am right here uncle Clarence"..And he wud pretend that he didnt see me..Then he wud say "Well you are growing so big i didnt know it was you Connie" i wud say "oh yes it is me"! Then i wud tell everyone that i had grown so tall that my uncle didnt know me..All the uncles and aunts loved to joke and laugh with us children..
   We always had fun at Thanksgiving..They were precious days..Happy days..Days that gave us a sense of family and feeling like we kids belonged ..We learned life lessons as we sat around the table listening to the wisdom of the older folks..Gleaning their spirits and hearts ,not only their words of wisdom..
   When the holiday was over we children left for home with much more then we came with..We left with many happy memories...of Thanksgivings and days gone by..Love connie

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Anonymous said...

So true! Families are never perfect but we need family! If at all possible we should gather with family on the Holidays. I have memories alot like that. Now my Uncles are aging, and one has passed away. I miss those days! ~Diane


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