Monday, November 18, 2013

Wifely Submission

Part 1

Dear Wives..Ya know the story of my life wud be summed up "in the heading
of "Duck and Run.."......When i talk about wifely submission my friends
try to change the subject..One friend will start to tell a story about how
mad they are at their husbands..Then they will say "Well i know Connie
wudnt agree " Then i will say under my breath "Oh i dont know?"...well i
know all right..But ya know i dont wanna get all steamed up too early in
the day....But there is so much confusion in the body of Christ concerning
the Authority of Christ...Modern day preachers have been raised for the
most part by single Christian Mothers..So the son preaches sermons to stand
up for his poor Mother who had to raise 10 children while her knot head
husband sat in the corner smokin weed and drinkin whiskey..And if it wasnt
for her the 10 children wud have starved to death..and Ooooh i love the TD
Jakes who loves writing books about "woman thou art loosed" ..Nothing makes
me bite a bullet faster then that sentence..Just How loonng will you all
fall for that one??? So what is the Pastor looseing you girls from?Well
ya know he wants you to feel proud of you can get a job..Ok
then the next sermon is on Giving to the Lord...?? Well ya know what? A
bunch of dear HOUSEWIVES who love their families and love being Keepers at
Home aint gonna make any church RICH..PREACHING ON FRUGALITY AND Dumpster
diving smacks the devil right in the face..I had to Dumpster dive when the
kids were little and i enjoyed it..i was always cutting deals with the
fresh produce man in the back of the store..Then when i got good deals i
wud trade with this Mormon Mother who got good deals on Fridays from the
bakery ...I wud give her a box of lettuce and she wud give me 3 loaves of
bread..i baked alot of bread too but it was nice to have store bot too..I
mean yes Jim worked.......But it seems now as never before .we were
introduced to the term " the working poor"..Usually if you work you can
at least put food on the table.but not anymore.The wage law is so low
and food is so high ..We need a new plan....

Part 2

So now its Monday morning and the Christian housewife is loosed
supposedly..and she goes lookin for a job...She is mad at her husband of
course..Because she thinks she cant be a real kick ass Feminist unless she
sports an attitude..And the Cafe she applys for a job at makes the manager
feel like a REPUBLICAN...WHO DONT know the first thing about womens rights
in the work place...So this woman who is more interested in HERself and
her confidence as a woman ..ditches all the dumpy FRUGALITY ideas and
depends on her paycheck to save the day..She gets the paycheck in 2 weeks
and crys all the way home..Now what is she to do ?She cant be frugal
because she has a job..So she buys "Hurry up frozen dinners that are bound
in plastic and make her family sick with..well you name it...the sky is the
limit...And you all know its the truth..But the voice of WISDOM is so faint
...And the voice of the WORLD is so loud...And when the HOUSEWIFE is
tryyying to get a tight pair of jeans on before work its hard to hear the
voice of God?And its hard to remember to put the dried beans in a pan to
soak so they will be ready to cook for supper..Why not just serve some more
plastic covered food.."? i will tell you a secret...Only the Lord knows
what to do....He gives us our daily bread..He calls us as Keepers at
Home...We are to be At home..When the Bible speaks of submission it also
means submitting to your place as Keepers at Home...Keeper at home means
that you are the guardian of the HOME....If things go wrong at HOME then
the Lord has given you the ability to fix it..through prayer....You are the
special agent from Heaven that God will use..You are the minister of the
Home..I mean when Jim was running all over the country..he didnt send Money
home? Hello? But i always figured a man wud work if he got hungry enuff,..i
had a few part time jobs that lasted a few days...But Jim was convinced i
wasnt going to work.i didnt tell him that No..Heck no...!!! But he cud
tell by my attitude i was going to support him..The bills Jim cudnt pay
when he left were the same bills he cudnt pay when he got home..Ya know no
one can tame a "prayin woman" I wasnt smarter then Jim but i knew who
was..JESUS CHRIST..Jesus Christ made we women as the weaker vessels..the
keepers at home..And if you have a husband who wants you to stay
home...dont mess with God plan..Be glad about it..Look at your home..Take a
goood long look at it.".Its your work place" ..Now if you think you can run
a business ? well if you think it wud be easy then try to run a home
first.Start applying the scriptures to the problems at home........First of
all ...get some anointing oil and mark your windows and doors and pray for
your homes..Rebuke the unholy fire of Christian Feminism..and throw that
God forsaken spirit out and command it to go back to the pits of
Jesus name..

Part 3

Dear Housewives....
i was going to write on wifely submission..But man alive !!! Its so much more then Husband
says "Go jump in the lake" and so i did it..The heart beat of the Bible
screams out the covenant of marriage..Its what the Bible is all about..its
all about making commitments ..Its about giving your life ..Its about dying
for Christ..Giving up your life for the precious Word of God....MARRIAGE
IS THE TEST..The cloud of witnesses watch you in the arena of life..They
call to you but you cant hear them..The lies of the devil interrupts the
voice and the presence of God..But marriage tells the Lord who you
really are..God calls we wives to submit to our husbands as unto the
Lord..But wifely submission is alot more then just doing what husband says..It is submitting to all of the teachings concerning the womans place in Christiandom.The power of God
comes when we imitate the Heavenlies..We are the church..the body of
Christ..Some of us worship in a building ,,some of us worship at home..Our
homes are our sanctuaries..As we clean the house and make the meals and
rock the baby, we are walking in His we learn in silence and
subjection...As we teach the children the precious Word of God we are
doing Gods will..But no ..submission to husbands is alot more then just
obeying husbands voice...In fact wifely submission has little to do with
your husband..really...Your life with Jesus Christ is the most
important..Marriage is hard..its meant to be hard...It is designed to call
you to calls you to the gifts of the Spirit..It calls you to pray
and to seek answers ...You ladies know just enuff about wifely submission
to bug you ..but not enuff to bless you..Living with your husband in Holy
matrimony is a gift from God..But ya know your husband is not your way
maker ....God is !! No marriage is perfect.. It takes alot of prayer and
seeking God to be in subjection to your husband..You have to spend alot
more time with Jesus then with your husband.Love connie

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear Sister in Christ.

CynthiaJSwenson said...

I love this lady....nobody can accuse her of being lukewarm!

Anonymous said...

Well what a message my friend. The whole time I was working I just wanted to be home. When I am at home I am content and hope I never get the crazy idea that I need to go out and work again.

LOve, ConnieJ

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting. I am praying that God will show my husband that I need to be home raising our new 4 month old son, instead of returning to my corporate job! God has a plan, and I am trusting in Him. Please join me in prayer for all the guardians of the home who desperately want to do God's Will as a wife/mother.

God Bless


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