Monday, April 21, 2014

A Peaceful Home in Marriage

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, April, 2011.}

Part 1

Dear Mothers,,Good morning,,i almost got a virus this morning,,Thank God i
didnt..i have so much i want to say on marriage,,The husband has to be the
head of the house,,he has no other place,,He is to be honored as unto the
Lord.The reason the Lord tells us to do this is because we mothers want to
give all our time to our children,,,"Naturally" they are little and they
need us,,,Thats our natural bend,,but it isnt Gods,,So lets talk about some
ways we can honor our husbands,,One way is to wrap your household schedule
around husbands job,,Like if you had to work 8 hrs wudnt you want to come
home and rest ? When Jim was alive and worked i allowed the children to have
friends in to play until Jim got off work,,Then i wud tell the neighbor
children " Kids i need to have you children leave now as Jim will be home in
a little bit,,We have some things to do" The neighbor children wud say,," My
Mom said i cud stay until 5,00 " And all kinds of excuses,,Jim enjoyed the
neighbor kids but not right after work,,Jim wud want to rest a bit when he
got home and watch the News,,The kids and i got to watch our shows when Jim
was at work,,So when he came home it was his turn to watch what he
wanted,,And he had a right to rest after work,,And i guarded his quiet
time,,He needed that,,and i knew it..After he rested then he felt like
visiting with his family and having supper,,,Sometimes we invited guests
for supper..We had lively conversations,,Jim always said Grace first,,No one
touched any food until Papa sat down and said the blessing,,In this way as
wife and keeper at home you honor God as you honor your husband,,You are
your husbands glory,,Love and honor your husband and he will eventually
honor God..

Part 2

And every husband is different,,You all will honor your husbands in
different ways,,All according to his likes and dislikes,,But my Jim needed
his down time right after work,,i always had the mail laid out for him to
look at,,He wanted to read the mail right away too..You know men need time
to do man stuff,,i just think it dishonors a man to expect him to deal with
the neighbors right as he gets off work,,This causes confusion and tension
for the family if the mother cant run her home in a good way,,,Mothers have
authority in the home too,,And she needs to keep a quiet orderly home to
give her family a place of rest and peace,,Men are not wired to be Nannies
or Mommies helper,,They may have a smile on their face but they resent being
treated like a child,,And this resentment will show up over time,,Trust me
it connie
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