Sunday, April 6, 2014

Making Groceries

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, May, 2011.}

Ya know yrs ago when the children were all home and Jimmy in the Navy we wud get so low on groceries,,i wud be up in the nite prayin about it,,So early in the morning i wud start cookin and baking..Usually i wud make Hamburger Soup...with vegetables in it..or just carrots and potatoes in it..I wud make up a big batch of bread dough and make bread and rolls.And often i made Granola..i wud buy a big box of the Old Fashioned Oatmeal not the instant,,Anyway if i only had Oatmeal to make it then thats all i used,,i wud mix up about a half cup of honey and half cup of oil and bring that to a boil and pour it on my big roasting pan of dry oatmeal..And then ya bake it until it is brown,,Then we ate this like cold cereal..After it is baked you cud add raisins or the dried cranberries,any dried fruit..,But never bake the dried fruit in the oven it will come out like rocks..If the honey cost too much i wud use brown sugar instead,,Now if ya got some nuts put them in with the oatmeal to bake..or sunflower seeds or whatever,,If we were going some place in the car i wud make lil bags of granola for the kids to eat in the car...i wud add choc chips to this,,We called that Trail mix..Then i made Gorp ? too..That is peanuts with raisins in a jar..For snacks in the evening i wud make old fashioned cooked on the stove popcorn,,If i made homemade pizza i made popcorn to go with it,,.The pioneers used to eat popcorn with milk and sugar on it..For supper sometimes i make old fashioned popcorn and eat it with apples..You can buy alot of popcorn in the bags for hardly nothin,,and it tastes so much better then microwave popcorn,,i just make it in a skillet on the connie

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