Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mothers of Inventions

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, April, 2011.}

Dear Mothers...Just think the Lord chose us to go thru these current hard
times..Everytime i go to the grocery store i am flabbergasted at the prices
of food going up dollars and not cents as usual..I was thinkin of my
daughter Chrissy who said .."Mom money gets in the way of my
creativity"..And she also said "Never create any art for money,,Create
things that speak to your own heart"..Jill says everything in her house that
she creates has to minister to herself first..Because if it doesnt minister
to her it wont minister to anyone else either..These are days of
hardship..and lack ..So what,,lets rejoice in the fact that money wont get
in our way,,We have a job as never before..There is a whole new world out
there ..Lets roll up our sleeves and take it...Poverty is the Mother of
inventions..The Bible speaks of witty inventions,,Lets pull away from the
world and their fears and anxieties,..Gods will for us is that we will be
overcomers....The women during the Depression era made it and so will
we....I had my own Depression era in my own family to live thru in the
1980s..We lived on 200 bucks a month for food and paper products.and
soaps..Every day i prayed that i wud have enuf food to go around,,But we
lived honest..i worked hard and Jim took whatever jobs he cud get to support
us,,The kids learned alot during that time..My children as adults always
have jobs...When they were children they delivered the Penny Saver ..once a
week ..The Penny Saver was a small newspaper we all got each week..This gave
them spending money..This was the 3 youngest kids,,,But my 3 oldest had jobs
too..Oh i cud have gone out to work ..but Jim wanted me to stay home..And i
was worth more at home then out working,,i cooked mainly from scratch,,,and
spent alot of time in prayer..love connie

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Anonymous said...

Connie, do you have any simple recipes you might share here? Yes, the price of food is ridiculous nowadays! Praise God...I would never have discovered how creative I could be otherwise ;).

Rhonda Dorethy said...

I really appreciate your wise advise. Times really do seem to be getting tougher. It is encouraging to hear the battle cry and feel strengthened to meet the coming craziness. And you are right. Prayer will see us through and is always a great encouragement. Connecting to God who is our strength and knowing all his great riches are ours as well. Well... it gives me heart to battle on...you know?


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