Saturday, April 26, 2014

Summer Baking

When my children were home what a busy time..Mary was born the yr Jimmy graduated..and left for the Navy ......Jimmy was our first child and Mary was our 6th..and last child...Having a houseful of children and a loving husband was so wonderful.Oh we had our problems like anyone else..But once Jim was healed we had a happy life for the most part..In the summer was so hot in this big house..We had fans of course but no air-conditioner !!! i had to do my baking at nite in order to keep the house cool..We had homemade bread most the time..well since i am here alone i dont bake as much..Boy do i miss the homemade bread..Today at the store i got a loaf of white looks pretty bad too..i will have to make some bread ..i miss it so much...i always cooked from scratch and i loved it..i made home made dinner rolls and bread sticks and cinnamon rolls..Jim used to make Monkey Bread for our monkeys{kids}..hahaha..These were the HAPPY DAYS !!!
love connie.

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