Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our Precious Children (and Sad News)

{Early last week, Connie's son David died in a car accident. He left behind a wife and two children.  You can see pictures of Connie's family on the Photos page.}

Part 1  One Day at a Time

Dear ladies , last nite just after dark we were all outside playing with the children and visiting.My new porch is so comfortable when i have alot of company...We didnt have many visitors last evening as we just all needed to be alone with our own family..The children needed extra love and care..A few days ago we had alot of company ....and that was good..So many young men Davids age introduced themselves to me...So many said "David was my best friend"..David was a quiet soul and so loved by all who knew him..He was a best friend to the down and out..he was a steady worker and a good Daddy and a loving husband..On a lighter note John got out the fire crackers .!!.he shot them off a block away..Of course i am sitting on the porch ..and said.."Now who is shooting off fire crackers" !!!!! ??i had no idea it was Johnny..Pretty soon i saw John walking up the street with that silly grin of his...I yell at John "Did you shoot those firecrackers off"? Of  course he said he didnt.Hahahaha ...I am surprised the POLICE didnt show up..But ya know David in Heaven must love seeing all of us doing what we do best..laughing through the tight spots..Broken hearted as we will miss David..But the children need to be cared for ..Life has to happen as it does.One day at a time..We will show our love to David by caring for his wife and children..

Part 2   Winning Your Family

All of my children seem to have a faith of their own..They have some kind of a "positive thinking" that i guess they learned from me..As time goes by they will learn more and more about the God kind of faith...My children almost have a gift of faith..Some have more faith than their siblings..and some have less..But yes...we need to remain sure of God..We must know Him... and know that He is a rewarder to those who diligently seek after Him..MaryL my mentor used to say to me.."Connie if the mother is right with the Lord her children will be too." She meant even when they are grown and married...You can turn your children around just by being right with the Lord yourself..They will see your good works and glorify Your Father in Heaven...Your family can be won to the LORD without words {arguing}..but by the actions of the wife and mother..

Part 3    Our Precious Children

Dear Mothers..last evening we all went out to eat at a restaurant..We wanted to celebrate Romeos birthday age 12...and Lorins B.D too she just turned 6 yrs old...They are Johns little boy and girl...I ask Romeo what he was going to spend his Birthday money on.."Fire-crackers"..he tells me without batting an eye..i have to laugh..Johnny deserves to have a son who loves fire crackers..hahahahaha !!!Some day John will get old and wont be able to get up and run as fast as he does now..Now he can out run a fire cracker..But not so later on when he is old..i hope i get to see the day this happens..{ just kidding} Johnny has always made me laugh, even in my worst moments..... . .i got to sit with lorin age 6 at the restaurant..i ask her how old she thot i was ? and she said 85 yrs old..i loved being with the grandchildren and my children...My children give me spiritual energy...i love them and their Daddy so much..And the Grandchildren are so entertaining too..I praise God for each of them..Love connie

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Revolutionary Mothers

Part 1   Daughters of a New Revolution

Dear Sisters of Liberty...Wow i got about half of this written and it escaped and ran away..i didnt think i wud have the heart to rewrite the whole thing ..but i guess i will.The first part went like this.."Are we fighters or victims of this age?" I think often of what the Christian young people will ask us in the years ahead ? Things like "Where were you when abortion was legalized..? ' or "What did you do when prayer was taken out of school?" and "Why did you put we children in public school when you knew we cud be killed any day..at any minute?" Shud we tell our children the truth? We were dumbed down to think we were out-laws if we home-schooled ?it was better to be shot then to be different?or "My church told us to be a light in the darkness for the kids who didnt know the Lord.." Well your child is waiting on you and trusting you to protect them..and God gave your children to you to make sure they grow up..Just like Mary raised Jesus in secret..You are Gods children..God has a plan for their lives ...Dont throw them in the Lions Den until they are equipped to handle it in a Godly way....David in the Bible had been trained as a shepard to fight lions and bears.God didnt set him in the open to be slaughtered without knowledge of how to fight wild animals..What hurts me so much is this..You Christian parents wudnt work in a place where it was as dangerous as a public school..You wud refuse openly..

Part 2   Revolutionary Mothers

So what am i saying..? Go out and carry signs all day when you see an injustice in the world? No you have too much to do at home..the children are waiting for you to train them ..and to protect them and watch out for them...Stay home and care for them...this is how we will change your world..By being REVOLUTIONARY Mothers..By walking out Gods Word....By being examples ...You train your children as you go about your home duties..as you eat and sleep and pray..As you teach the children to respect their Daddy you are teaching them about a higher Authority..Submit to your husbands..Study submission to your husbands...It is Gods People who are called by His name that will turn our country around,...It isnt the President...Its Gods people with Gods Hand that will turn our country around..Our job is to live for Him and to humble ourselves and pray....Then He will heal our land...He will heal our land through our prayers of humility,,,

Part 3   Mothers of Courage and Hope

"HOT Fire" i do most of what i do half scared to death..As a widow at times i wonder "How on earth will i ever make it from one day to the next.."?A few days ago my brakes went out in the car right when i had stopped at an inter section..i nearly hit a car..i say "nearly"..God always rescues me..!! We must always trust in the Lord..especially in the tight spots.. God is with us... we can have confidence in Him..We can draw from His strength..It is normal to be afraid..we live in troubled times..Trouble seems to be all around us...most of the time....But the scriptures in Psalms says "I had fainted lest i had believed to see the goodness of the Lord HERE in the land of the living"..We have HOPE in Him..He is our great and high King of Kings and Lord of Lords..When our problems are too high and over our heads we can trust in God who died for every problem we have..He has an answer...the solution is in Him..When i am afraid i trust in the Lord... 

Part 4   The Wailing Wall

i dont watch the world news much anymore..if i do i begin to cry..But i guess thats good too..The Bible tells us to TEACH OUR DAUGHTERS TO WAIL..The Jewish people use the wailing wall to pray..and to cry out to God...In this age the Lord says to mark the ones who do not cry and sigh..In other words if you arent crying something is wrong ..If we can just watch the NEWS and walk away with no feelings about it...then we are in trouble...Wailing means to cry out to God in sorrow for the many in the world who need to know God...Let us pray for those who need to be set free and for those who are broken hearted..He has come to bind up the broken heart and to set the captive free..love connie


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