Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Edgy Housewives

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, February, 2010.}

Part 1 Starving Artists

And oh mercy we were poor when we raised our kids,,But God has a sense of humor..Sis called yesterday,,"Mom i will be on the cover of a NYC magazine for being the most creative dresser in NY," then she says "Nothing has changed ,,i still buy all my clothes at the Salvation Army"..Sis says she has been poor lately ,,but she says "I love being poor it makes me more creative,," Sis says "I love it Mom" i said i loved it too,,i always tell her that starving artists always do the best work,,Ya know they HAVE to create,,or starve,,No i dont always agree with my girl..or she with me,,i use her nick name "Sis" on here as she is quite the girl in NY,,Tiff had told me about the magazine on Wed when i visited Davids family,,i was waiting for Sissy Joy to call me and tell me herself,,,"Well i tried to call you MOm but the line was busy"..NO one ever calls me unless i am in the bath tub,,usually,,Anyway i was a starving artist too as a mother of 6 children..And most of we moms who homeschool on one income are starving artists,,But its an adventure,,Sissy says "Money gets in an artists way"..And she says "Never create anything for stops the flow of your imagination",,D.I.Y "Do it yourself" is the word on the NYC street,,Well thats good ,,i guess i am"IN" for now..Sissy says her and her husband eat better when they are out of money,,She said "We eat healthier"..They eat alot of fresh vegetables and fruit and loads of beans for protein,,And rice and almost no meat but chicken and fish occasionally..No dairy products,,But ya know what my theory on all of this is,,? Eat at home and make everything from scratch,,Pray over it and tell the Lord "Hey this is the best i can come up with today,,please bless it"..But ya know you can buy a ton of dried beans and rice for almost nothing,,And their is alot of protein in a bag of dried beans,i am cutting out the sugar and soda ,,for starters,,

Part 2  Edgy Housewives

But lets see ourselves as artists,,Lets get an edge and wear what we want as wives and mothers,,This winter i have barely worn my skirts,,Its been so cold,, i do long for my long skirts and my head coverings i bot lately at the Salvation Army,,Mothers used to wear their aprons all day,,And if they had to go some place they put their coats on over their aprons and dress,,And women used to put snow pants on under their skirts if they had to go out to feed the chickens or in my case to shovel the walk,,My hair at 62 is still long,,i kept thinking each morning,,"Well one of these days i will have to cut it,,and be old"..But God reminded me that all the old-fashioned mothers used to have long hair,,And they put it up in a bun on their heads,,Aunt Toot tells loving stories about her Grandma Bible,,Tootie wud spend the nite at her house as a young girl,And Gram Bible wud brush and braid her own long hair before bed,Toot said she loved watching her Gram brush her long gray hair and braid it,,How comforting for a child to see,,When i was a girl we were told to brush our hair each day a 100 strokes to keep it healthy,,,And we used a vinegar rinse on it,,to get all the soap out..Tiff has long hair and she says "I am never cutting it again"..i tell her i love my long hair too..Tiff says its her security blanket..Often women with long hair say it is their covering,,But lets see ourselves as Sisters of a New Revolution,,Women with an edge and a cause,,"Housewives and Proud of it"..Lets get a lil cheeky and snappy and be proud to be starving artists with a cause hu? Lets be humble and polite but lets show our creative edge ..Lets be quiet submissive wives with an edge like steel..Rebels of this worlds religion,,Lets be more afraid of what God thinks of us then what the world thinks,,What does our husbands think of us ? and our children,,? What is their report? love connie

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I love this! Thanks! Love, Katherine


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