Saturday, July 26, 2014

Field of Dreams

Dear Mothers, ya know when i told you about the cornfield i have in the backyard? Well the corn is about up to my waist..some is taller..It looks so good..but it hasnt rained in about 6 days..But i have watered once,,,It shud rain tonite..Anyway the Lord keeps reminding me "If you build it they will come,,," I said to the Lord "Who is "THEY" Lord..???i was looking at the cornfield...And Jesus whispered .."Your children"..Well later on i told Mary about what Jesus said...And she said "Mom i was thinking how neat it would be to keep the house in the family and use it as a place us kids can all come to for the holidays etc..She meant when i pass away...and move to Heaven...Because all of my children are all in different states...and Jimmy lives in Australia...But this old house can call them home as always...

My grand children will be able to play in the Magnolia tree as my children did..Little Mary knew all the names of the herbs and flowers in our yard..when she was only about 5 yrs old...Most of our kids love gardening,,they wud love to keep up with things here...i love this old house..Oh if the walls cud talk..i bet Mary will write and Christiane Joy too about the old time fun we had here..What a joy my children are to me..They arent perfect ...well we know that,But ya know Papa thot they never did anything wrong..Oh how our hearts ache right now as we miss David ...But he will always be in our hearts..i tell my kids "Take care of yourselves..i cudnt stand to lose any more of my family..".Yes my cornfield is a Field of Dreams...As i keep building on to this house i show my children how to dream and believe God for connie

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