Friday, July 11, 2014

Good Morning Mothers

Part 1  Good Morning Mothers

Its a bright sunny day here in Iowa today..Its a new day ..This morning i will be going to my friend Pams house to teach she and her husband to play chess..I have been up early this morning praying and writing..i think it is time to rebuild the walls at the Hultquist Homestead..Weeping lasts for the nite but JOY comes in the morning...i am thankful today to be a homemaker and mother..i know that "All of my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace"..i spent alot of time with David in homeschool..i know that he knew the Lord..Each school day we started the day with Bible reading ....When i ask questions about what the Bible meant about what we had read he always knew the answers..At the time he was the most spiritual of all of my children..I know now that he is with Jesus in Heaven..I know he is safe with God and His angels..He will never be in another accident as he is with the Lord ..Safe in the arms of our Shepard..Safe in the arms of God..I can rejoice ..All is well..

Part 2   Sewing

When Danny was here he broke his sunglasses..He tried to fix them and couldn't.."Whats a Rock Star without his shades?...Well anyway i was thinking about the children when they were young and how we were always fixing sunglasses in the summer time.This is how i did it..i wud get out my needle and thread and sew the ear pieces back onto the glasses..You just thread the needle thru where the screw is supposed to be..and thread it thru.Do this over and over until the tread is strong enough to hold the ear pieces on.Then at the end tie a knot around it and cut off the stray threads..The children and i sewed alot..We had my Sewing Basket out where it was handy each day..Love Connie

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Anonymous said...

Dear Connie, I'm glad to see you're doing well. I've been praying for you and your family daily and will continue. God bless you. Love, Katherine


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