Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It is Well with My Soul

Part 1  He is the Truth

Good Morning Ladies,Well i guess the name of the game is to never give up..It doesnt matter who wins the most but who is still standing when the smoke has cleared away..Because it is Jesus who is to be glorified and not us.And as long as we hold our banners high we are not losers...We have glorified and magnified the Truth...Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life..No man or woman comes to God except through Jesus and His finished work at the cross..God doesnt use perfect people to do His work..let me tell ya !!! i am an accident going some place ,,i even scare myself..And some how the Lord uses me...and He will use you too if you let Him.Ask Him to forgive your sins and to come into your heart to be the Lord of your life..

Part 2   John's Firecrackers

i feel so glad to get back to my writings..For you who dont know our dear son David died in a car accident a few weeks ago..i told my friend Jill that i didnt think i wud ever come out of this ..i will never be the same..And she said, "Well you probably never will"..i think i will learn to live with the loss ..but no i will never feel complete without David..John called from Missouri yesterday..he was so he and David were best friends..i had been laying on the couch ..i didnt ever want to get back up..But as i talked to John i felt a spark of life come back in me...The Lord spoke to my heart.."Connie how do you expect the kids to get back up if you dont"?My brother is having us all to dinner at his acerage Friday..for the 4th ."Fire Cracker Day.."i had said i cudnt go..But then i thot "yes i need to go" Johns family will be there and Davids wife and children...My children and grand children cud make me laugh in the middle of a dark  cave...even if we were lost..John especially! ...and i hear he is bringing loads of fire crackers...

Part 3   It is Well with My Soul

Ya know in times like these i think of the man who wrote the old song "It is well with my Soul"..His wife and daughters had gone on a ship for a vacation ..but he cudnt go as he was a business man and had some things he had to do..But the ship ran into trouble and all of this mans children were drowned.. Except for his wife..he had lost his whole family..He was so broken hearted and later he wrote the old Christian song that many of us have sung in church "it is well, it is well with my soul"..He had taken a ship to the area in the ocean where his 5 daughters had died..and he sang "it is well with my soul"..The Lord doesnt give us more then we can handle..i can say with this old song writer.."it is well with my soul".i think too of the missionary who was standing in line to be burned at the stake..He said to his friend "Hold up one finger when you are burning to tell me that Gods grace is sufficient" ..And the missionary held up 2 fingers to say that  Gods grace is more then sufficient ..last evening i was able to tell my children on facebook..All is well..all is good..things are moving as they shud..and my children responded ..Sleep well Mother..and i did..Yes His grace is sufficient for me. . . .Love Connie Hultquist.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Connie, I am so glad you are still writing. Thank you for sharing your life with us and being an example of a godly wife and mother. Love, Katherine

Natalie Marie said...

God bless you and your precious family. May his love and hope and grace fill your souls and lives with peace.

simplicity said...

Thank you for sharing! That is such a touching story about the song "It is Well with my soul."

Naomi said...

Connie...It is well with my soul, too. I have a son in heaven and the one thing I can share with you is that it does become livable but will always be a part of who you are. I am sorry for your loss and may the Lord fill you with peace and give you comfort during this time. Thank you for sharing your life at Monday's Musings. God bless.


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