Friday, August 8, 2014

A Morning Homemaking Visit

Good Morning Ladies,

Lately i have been thinking about Household schedules again...Ya know when i was a young housewife i used this schedule from this little book a friend gave to me...One of the most important things i read from this book was this......Start your evening meal preparations right after breakfast...Like for me today..i plan to have Sloppy Joes for supper this evening..and a Pasta salad...So i will fry the hamburgar and cook the pasta this morning..Tomorrow afternoon i am having 2 friends over for lunch..I have to vacuum livingroom and dining room and scrub the bathroom etc...So i am going to make the Salad and the sloppy Joe mix this morning..while doing my cleaning....That way i can make an evening Sloppy Joe sandwich to see if it is good enuf for company .Haha! No.. i am making enuf for several meals...along .with the Pasta Salad too.... Another easy fun thing to do is to just clean the kitchen and scrub the kitchen floor as  you cook,, each day..i used to always have a sink load of dishes to wash when i got up in the morning,,So most of the time i had to wash the dishes before i cud cook..No big deal,,just do it...............................ok heres the recipe for the Sloppy Joes...Now i must tell you... this friend of the kids said these were the best Sloppy Joes he ever had,,A pound of cooked hamburgar mixed with a can of tomato soup is all it is...Heat it up of course..Well that is a simple recipe ..and with 6 kids thats all the time i had .on some days...But now that i have more time i wud put a squirt of mustard in it...Some pepper and a lil brown sugar and salt ..just a bit...And the macaroni salad is so simple..Just cook the macaroni and when its done just put it in a bowl,..Put in alot of raw cut up veggies and add Italian dressing ..Stir it up and put in frig to let the flavors mix together..and to chill.. For veggies i will put in a red tomato from my
garden..and a purple onion..Broccoli and yellow and orange peppers...Have a good day connie

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Anonymous said...

Dear Connie,
I have really enjoyed the multiple posts this week! I think your advice is helpful and just so real. Thanks for blogging...oh, and the books! ;0)


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