Monday, August 25, 2014

Happenings in my Iowa Cornfield

Mr. Possom Loves Corn

Dear ladies, well i wondered what critter was eating my corn...Well i think alot of critters were eating the corn..i think maybe it was deer .Also we put a live trap out and we caught a big possom..Granny on the HillBilly show wud know how to fix a possom ..but i pass on that one..No possom soup for me..well i tried to set the possom free because i didnt think the possom cud do all that much damage..But now as i think back on it..i think maybe it cud.Well so my neighbor came over and he let it go..As the possom ran out i know he was thinkin."First they put me in a cage then they let me out"...well anyway Jimmy called last evenng from Australia..i was telling him about Possom..and how i ask the neighbor to help me with getting the Possom out of the trap..Jimmy has this dry wit and he said "Well Mom were fortunate to be able to call someone who knew all about possoms." Oh the lowly possom...Well its a live trap..You trap the possom then you take him out to the county and let him dont hurt him any..Well yesterday morning after i saw Possem was caged Christiane Joy called..She got all upset and said the possom wud starve to death..Then Mary called and said he was prolly dying of thirst...i was going to leave him in the trap for a while to see if i thot it was a possom that ate alot of my corn..But i did nt want the ugly creature to suffer..Then the neighbor wanted to kill it with a shovel..i said "Well what if you just wounded it and it ran off with half its head gone?'so we just let him go.He ran right for the corn..Chuck said next year he wud put up an electric fence..Then Mary and Christian will cry for the possom if he gets Connie

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