Monday, August 25, 2014

Husband as a Warrior and Fighter

{From the archives of Connie's letters, November, 2011}

Dear Mothers,,

ya know ,,its funny..But lately i have been giving Jims
testimony..But again as i said before,,he is hard to explain,,And yet there
is a truth in there that i want to get out,,i thot if i wrote it i wud some
how get it straight so i cud explain Jim..A few days ago the Lord had me and
my friend talk to this young couple about getting married ...They are
living together and have one child and one on the way,,I gave them mine and
Jims testimony,,,and about our healed marriage..Then i went on to explain
how Jim became new after he got saved..Well the story of Jim before he was
saved kept the kids riveted for sure,,But as i see it but cant exactly
explain it,,it goes like this,Jim was a warrior and fighter before he got
saved,,And some how he brot this warrior mentality into his Christian
life,,Before he met the Lord he some how looked past me,,i was like a fly
on the wall,,Honestly had i dropped dead he wudnt have shed a tear,,I am
not exaggerating,,And after he came to the Lord..i became his treasure..Jim
became a warrior ..a fighter for his family..This is what is hard to
explain..who Jim became.......He sure didnt become like any Christian man i
ever saw,,My boys to some degree have picked up on Jims personality,,i hope
they get all of who Jim was..Like Jim wud tell people "My wife dont need to
work,,she has worked enuf"...Even after the children grew up he didnt want
me to work..He wanted me to be with him most of the time,,i think Jim
became who alot of young men will have to become or they wont make it..It
seemed that Jim armed himself to be a fighter for his wife and children,,, Jim
rarely ever put any of us down or tried to degrade us..Even if John was in
trouble ..Jim wud build John up...John was ours and that was it,,And if i
put one of the kids down for what they did ,,Jim wud tell me i was
wrong..But if the young men of today cud really understand who Jim was
after he got saved they wud find that knowing the Lord is truly an
adventure,, Love Connie

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Anonymous said...

what a blessed lady. I clicked on a link to this because of the title. My fiance is a recent convert to Jesus. In his earlier life, he was a wrestler and fighting/defending is strong in his nature. I can see the work God is doing in transforming his warrior personality into a blessing of strength for me and everyone he meets. I would have loved to meet Jim, and for my fiance to have chatted with him. Thank you for publishing Mrs. Hultquist's letters.

Anonymous said...

I love this! Thank you for sharing your stories with us, Connie! I can relate to you and your family so much more than the "perfect" Christian families you hear about. You give hope to people who are tired and weary and ready to throw in the towel. God bless you! Love, Katherine


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