Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lecture on the Commitment of Marriage

Dear Wives,

There is so much false teaching on marriage's pretty simple's like, are you going to stay married because what? Husband is still cute..? or he still supports us ? ..Or he is a good father? Or what? Well all of these answers will work for a while..i mean to keep you married for a while...Until your husband isnt cute, but bald..or a good Father, or whatever..But the answer for the believer shud be that you will stay married because you promised God that you wud,,

It's a commitment to Jesus that you will stay married until one of you dies..

What God has joined together let no man separate.. "No" means some outside person like in adultery.......But also it means not you or your husband shud separate..i mean i think you can agree to separate for a while to fast and pray..But then you are to doesn't mean, "Oh good my husband got drunk last nite, i can marry my neighbor."

And sure i wud separate from a man who was a danger to my children or to me..But this stuff about verbal abuse is a heeehaw riot to me...What are some of you thinking..?

These women that are too pansy a-- to stand up for themselves, at least in there thots ....i mean enuf to know you aren't who this nut says you are..You arent stupid or lazy or whatever he calls you....come on girls, get a spine..Stand up for JESUS..

What are you gonna do when the rubber hits the road and we have to make a statement for Christ?..Are you going to deny Christ and call Him a verbal abuser? If you cant stand up to some poor bum who has lucked out as your husband, "just a human being" made of muscle and blood...? Then how will you stand up to a demon? And guess what our generation will probably see demons,,,And guess what you better get familiar with the full armor of God in Ephesians..and satan wont run and hide from you when you call the name of Oprah...He will only run when you call the name of JESUS...Our husbands are as  Jesus in our homes..Honor Him in your home..Take directions from him..Let the redeemed of the Lord say so..Love connie

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Connie! Keep speaking the truth! We need to hear it loud and clear! Blessings, Katherine

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Until death do we part. The Bible gives us 2 ways out of a marriage. Adultery, and abandonment. Even if one or both of these occur it is best to forgive and keep trying. The whole reason to take the vows is because without we would just walk away! Good writing Connie. Such a good reminder when we see divorce all around us. I can say after 31 yrs of marriage, that I am soooo glad we stayed together thru the rough times. Now we have 10 beautiful grandchildren and I can't imagine them having to go to 2 different homes to see grandpa and nana. So many people are not seeing the big picture. Divorce ruins the family for generations. When my Aunt and Uncle divorced years ago, I never saw my Uncle again. He was one of my favorite Uncles. So sad! So much better to forgive and give it some time.~Diane

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ladies for your comments..i know divorce is so heart breaking for the children..This thing about verbal abuse covers about every sin..So a woman cud divorce over about anything..i know some women are very frail and may have to divorce over verbal abuse..but most women are not that frail..Love connie


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