Monday, August 4, 2014

Mom and her Sisters in the 1950's

Part 1 Mom and Aunt Eileen

My Mother had such a sense of humor when we kids were young..One time when we were going to visit moms sister Eileen..My mom said "Well Eileen ask me to pick up 3 sandwiches from that new restaurant up town and bring them for our lunch.." Then Mom looks me square in the eye and says"Well now Eileen wont pay me for these sandwiches..she will make me pay for them some how."..I said "Oh Mom you always say that" ..Anyway so we buy the sandwiches and bring them to Eileens house..Mom is still crabbin about the sandwiches as we walked up to Eileens door...So we greet Eileen and come in the house and sit down..We had our sandwiches and all.. Then Eileen speaks up "Now Velma{my mom} how much were the sandwiches? i need to pay you"..and Mom says "Now Eileen i already paid for the sandwiches".........Eileen says "No Velma was my turn to pay for how much was it"?And mom says "I didnt pay any attention to how much it was..just forget it" so Eileen got sick of arguing about it and said "Well thanks Velma..but next time its my turn to pay"...So we ate our lunch and on the way back home Mom looks at me and says "See i told ya didnt i that Eileen wudnt pay for those sandwiches"..So that was the life and ways of my aunt Eileen and Mom..

Part 2  Southern Belles

Our son Jimmy always said his grandmother and mother were like southern Bells...Mom {Velma} wud serve Apple pie in the livingroom..And as were getting ready to eat it Mom wud say to Jimmy...." Jimmy wudnt you like some vanilla icecream on your pie"? and Jimmy wud say "No Thanks Grandma"..Pretty soon we all caught on and said to Mom"Mom wud you like some icecream on your pie"?..To this she said "Well yes i wud take just a little bit of icecream on my pie..Mom had gotten older and wasnt feeling the best..So she didnt feel like getting up..But she was hoping someone else was going to have a bit of icecream on their pie..That way she cud chime in and take" just a little" icecream on her pie...Jimmy said that Gramma always ask him a question...Like "Jimmy are you going to wear those pants to school? they arent dirty are they.?.Maybe a little smudged in the back "?Jimmy always said the women in Iowa were more soft spoken then the ones from NYC,,.i was times..But i knew how to get attention.....Well it was about 1950 ..Mom had heard on the radio about KID NAPPERS..i was about 3 or 4 yrs old..i was out in the yard playing and for no reason i screamed my head off ..just to get attention i think...So mom was in the back of the house cleaning and heard me screaming outside..She came running out and grabbed me...and held me...Why were you screaming ? "she asked me.. i said" i didnt know" Well Mom thot i was being kidnapped...

Part 3  Aunt Lucille

Mothers other sister was Aunt Lucille..One time mom ask her to babysit for me and my brother Scott....Well Lucille had a daughter who was 5..a son mike who was 2 i was 3 and scott was a baby...So at lunch time Lucille sees that she doesnt have bread..She was goin to make hot dog gravey with cherry Kool-aid.."Our Favorite".Well Diane was sick and the oldest..So she cudnt go to the store for bread,,So Aunty has me go to to the store..since i am the next oldest..i am all of 3 yrs old..Aunty put Mike in the window to report on me,,,He is 2 and says "Mom ..Connie is goin the wrong way"..Well i never did get to the store,,i just walked around all day..That evening as i was reported missing.... a woman found me in front of her house..and called the police..Mom thot i had been kidnapped.......The police brot me home on their motor cycle...i sure had fun,,They bot me an icecream cone too,,When i saw Mom i was so glad..i jumped into her arms and wrapped my
legs around her waist...i didnt want to let her connie

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Katrinka said...

Connie, can you give us the recipe for hot dog gravy made from cherry kool-aid?

JES said...

Ah, the story of mom and aunt Eieleen brought many smiles ~~ Thank you for linking up these reminiscent gems on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :) I do so enjoy them...


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