Thursday, August 28, 2014

Your Vegetable Gardens

Dear Mothers,

Well finally we are getting some rain in Iowa...Chuck came and picked the corn brot it home and froze it..Bonni froze corn for me too...i think she said she froze 4 gallons for her family ..and 4 for me. I pray the Lord blesses Bonni and Chuck for all of their work..i learned to plant corn.. that was a fun experience..,i have never planted corn before..I have always mulched with hay..But Chuck used straw not hay.To me that was better..My tomatoes turned out really well..When you plant your tomatoes just make sure they are really watered well.Like they shud be wet deep down in the about 4 inches or more deep...Then mulch them with hay of straw...If you mulch really good then the moisture stays in the plant if you have weeks without rain the plant will still grow because of the deep moisture..Thats how my tomatoes did so well..Jill gardens this way.And in the 1980s we had a drought and Jill had an 18 inch around  tomato..Mulching just means that you put hay or grass or straw or whatever around your plant to keep the moisture in the plant..Ruth Stout really made this popular back in the 70s and 80s i think..She made huge gardens and never tilled the soil..In the Spring she wud lay straw on her a foot deep..Then she wud part the hay and plant the tomato plants.Then water the plant well..Then push the hay close to the stem .But if you are having a wet spring..that wont work the tomatoes will rot from all the moisture.So just push the hay away from the plant and give it air..I used to lay newspaper around my plants after planting ..if it was a wet spring..Newspapers work well because the paper decomposes pretty fast ..i have a friend that used alot of newspaper in her garden for mulch and her garden dirt was fluffy..that was some garden.Also newspaper has something in it that keeps bugs Connie

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Anonymous said...

This sounds wonderful, Connie! I can't wait to have a real garden. Right now I try to grow some things in containers but they never really do that well. I'm waiting for my husband to put up a fence to keep the deer out, and also get me a leveled place to work with. For right now, I just keep waiting and hoping! Love, Katherine


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