Thursday, November 6, 2014

Home Library for the Old Time Housewife

{From the archives of Connie's letters, June, 2011}

And ya know i always thot that there wud be enuf food to go around in our
country if push came to shove..But now i dont think so..Seems like things
have gotten so bad lately,,,Alot of the problem is a moral one,,Of course to
me these days we live in now are days to attain knowledge..The Garage Sales
are such a big help..The Bible says that the unbeliever lays up treasures
for the just..That is surely true concerning G,Sales..I used to get all of
my canning supplies at G.sales..And ya know growing your own herbs is not
hard,,Or having a garden of vegetables,,Try to start out with a small
garden,,But think of the Mothers who literally won the battle of hunger in
her kitchen and garden during the Depression Era..These mothers had very
little but they kept their families safe and happy..You can bet your last
bag of potatoes that the mothers didnt run out the door to get a divorce
over what women do now days,,Even a disrupted family is better then getting
a divorce,,Esp in this age..You need your husbands,,But ya know if you can
find good books on Home Remedies and other back to the Land books ,,its good
to buy them right now..Its a good thing to start your own home library,,I
mean yes you cud go to the Public library but to have your own books to
refer to is more handy..And books are cheap at G.Sales.The Pioneer Mothers
had Health books in their cabins to refer to..And some had big Dictionaries
too..And a Family Bible.And the Mothers taught the children to read out of
the Bible..A good book on from scratch cooking is good to own too..Love

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becky said...

Nice to hear from you again. Hope you are well. Cindy Miller keeps me posted:)

JES said...

Nice to hear from you again... I love this practical advice! And I *love* garage sales too! :) Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

Gentle Joy said...

I love having a good library... books are not appreciated as they used to be... a good home remedy library is wonderful... Thank you for the good advice. :)


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