Saturday, December 27, 2014

Calling All The Writers

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, January 2014.}

Part 1  - "Calling All The Writers"

Dear Mothers, i was up and down all nite last nite..praying and reading the scriptures.i read some of the facebook writings..i really liked your writing Sheila on preparing for the hard days ahead..Cud you send me that writing again Sheila? And if its ok i will ask Vicki to send it to the other grps? Has anyone gotten their Above Rubies Magazine yet? i havent heard anything myself..As i prayed last nite i said "Lord i think its time i quit writing and move over and let the younger ladies take it over..And the Lord spoke to my heart...And the Lord said in my heart.."Well you can quit writing but no one else can take your place ..You were called to write a certain message..and if you stop writing your message will be silent,,and forgotten."..Many are called but few are chosen..This message the Lord gave to me is for all the writers that get my writings..we each have a part to play ..the Bible says "Neglect not the gift that is in you"..This time we are in right now in our country is a writers Hay Day..Folks are running wild with confusion..They need a word from the Lord..from His messengers...An inspired word to give the Mothers at home courage..

Part 2 - "The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword."

In Ephesians where it talks about the whole armor of God speaks of the Sword of the Spirit which is the word of God...So the Lord chose writers to publish His Words..Yes a weapon like a sword can influence a group of people ..but the written word can influence the whole world thru a magazine or a book..But for we Believers the Truth must be written down...and be in agreement with the Lords laws the Bible..During the Depression era when the stock market crashed in Oct of 1929` seems this hard time brot out the best in many Americans...

Part 3  -  "He Supplies All of Our Needs."

Ya know yrs ago i used a little email machine to send out my letters..i wud get so discouraged thinking no one was reading my emails..Several times i called my internet provider and told them i didnt want the internet any more..I wud call the office and tell them that i wasnt even paying for the internet..They wud tell me "Well someone is paying for it and you are paid up for a year.." i wud say that there was a mistake.They said someone was paying for it with a credit card..i said i dont even own a credit card..They said are you connie Hultquist? i said 'Yes"then they said "You paid for it." I said "No i didnt pay for it.."Well i decided to keep the internet after that..Then i got a regular computer and still someone was paying for it..i kept telling them it was a mistake .but they wudnt listen to me...As time went on someone quit paying for it..But i really think it was a mistake ..i think the computer place didnt know it but they were charging my bill to someone else..and i told them that over and over.But the Lord knows i wud have stopped writing had someone not paid the bill..Yes the Lord does work in mysterious ways..i pay the bill myself now i know the Lord has called me to write..But back 13 yrs ago i didnt know that..Love connie

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Dear Christmas Sisters

{From the Archives of Connie's letters, December 2011.}

Part 1 - "Old Time Friends"

Dear Christmas Sisters..

Last evening i called my old friends,,Ed and Barb Trecek..Ed is almost 90 and Barb is 82 yrs old..Barbara was my mentor along with MaryL.I mean she wasnt like Mary but she was always saying things like "Connie do you have food and everything"? She wud have given me the coat off her back,,She mothered me at 16 yrs old and she is still mothering me and i am 64 yrs old..She and Ed were our neighbors..and their daughter Evie won me to Christ..i was a wild thing..And i was sooo glad to meet Jesus..Well before i was saved i was aways getting picked up for speeding,,always in the newspaper for doin something..reckless driving and tryin to out run the cops..Then i accidentally ran into the Sheriffs car..They wud take my license and i wud go get a duplicate and keep on drivin..Mrs T wud ask me about it and i wud give her a load of crap..And she belived me ,,But after i got saved things were different,,i was asked to give my testimony many times at their home..But Mrs T and Ed her husband have stood with me for many yrs..i ask her and Ed last evening if they wud like to come for Christmas dinner ..Barbara {Mrs T} has such a sense of humor..So when i ask her and Ed to come for dinner she says "Oh no we cant come were old" i have laughed all nite over what she said..And when all the kids were home she wud bring sacks and sacks of food over..And i wud tell her "Oh dont give it to us" i wud try to stop her but she wud say.."Now look at all of those chairs at your table..How do you feed all those kids?"i wud say it was the Lord that fed them..and He took care of us..But i wud tell her "No really we are fine" She wud say "Yeah i know you are..well this is just a few things to tide you over"..Well so now i told her on the phone last nite that i was having about 20 for Christmas Dinner..Ed was on the other phone and they say together "Oh My Gosh" So they love that because now they can give me more food..

Part 2  -  "Christmas Friends"

Anyway Mrs T tells me on  the phone that she is bringing over food for my Christmas company..She and Ed wont be coming to our house for dinner..They want to stay home and will have dinner with the neighbors..i have begged them to come but..i cant get them to..Anyway so Mrs T tells me "Connie i will bring over some pies i have in the freezer.. Cherry and Apple." And she is bringing over a bunch of meat they get from this farm..Like chicken and fresh hamburger..Marys family will be here for about5 days or more so we will use that up..i am so thankful..Then Mrs T  names off a bunch of other stuff and asks me if i need it..i keep sayin "No" but she just keeps goin,,i talked to Danny last nite on the phone and i told him about talkin to Mr  and Mrs T and he laughed with me,,The kids will never forget our good friends..My kids always called Mrs T their Fairy God Mother...Anyway after i got off the phone i laughed and laughed ..i know Mrs T was sayin to Ed.."Connie is havin all those people over for dinner and she prolly dont have any food"...She is so used to me saying i have food when i dont,But now i do have food..Next week i will buy the ham and potatoes and other things i need,, for Christmas dinner...Tiff is bringing a big pan of  her corn casserole and my brother will bring a big pan of green bean casserole..Russ ..MaryLs husband is coming ..MaryL died ya know just 3 yrs ago..I am so happy Russ is coming..He ask me last evening on the phone,,"Connie what shud i bring"? I said "Nothing..we just want you to come"..Russ says "Well i wont   come empty handed,,"Well believe me we will have alot of food..Johnnys wife Lori is bringing loads of Christmas cookies..Mary has made alot of pumpkin bread..i do so love pumpkin bread..i will get to see my new grandbaby  Benjamin John ..John and Loris baby..John and Lori will come for the day and i will get to see Romeo..He is now 9 yrs old..Cant wait to see Baby Bella and Mary and Brad,,Then Tiff and our David and the 2 grands ,,Kam  8 yrs old and David James..5 yrs old...Dan and Jimmy and Chrissy will call on the phone on Christmas Day..It will be wonderful Christmas..

love Connie



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

To Stay at Home is Best

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, September 2009)

Part 1 - "To Stay at Home is Best"

Good Morning Ladies ..It isnt that i want to take you ladies away from your home duties,,But some of the ladies need some personal ministering ,,in order to get back to their homemaking,,So many mothers and wives are so wounded and broken,,i am a widow now and i have a lil more time to counsel then others do,,,My carpenter Andy just called and he and Sabrina are coming this afternoon to give me some estimates on some new windows and doors ,,i need to get them put in before the sideing,,i do have different work to do as an older mother now,,But my work is still at home..It will always be at home ,,Home is where my heart is,,i wrote a quote yesterday from Longfellow it is this,,"Stay..stay at home my heart and rest...Home keeping hearts are happiest..For those who wander,,they know not where ..are full of trouble and full of care..TO STAY AT HOME IS BEST"..i was also thinking of this other quote ..i cant remember it exactly..But the thot was ,,A true teacher isnt happy to teach the same things over and over again ,,But she is happiest when she sees her students teaching what she taught them..There is more to that but i dont remember it,,Yesterday i was looking up that one web sight of Mary Jane Butters,,Well there were some lovely mothers and their homes on there,,i so secretly wish i was like so many of these mothers..But often i am a silly girl,,i dont know if i can ever accept myself as i am,,i mean i am 62..when will i grow up? Well i if i ever do grow up i want to be Mary Jane Butters,,or Beatrix Potter,,or Tasha Tudor,,They had such good imaginations,,i think life just gets ahead of me and i get so overwhelmed and i have to laugh,,i wish i had all my flowers in matching pots but i dont,,i have been busy sitting in the weeds reading books on medicinal herbs,,God knows i never had any money to go to a real Dr..i dont know,,i wish my life had been more organised,,My mother is yelling outta Heaven "AAAAAA-men..And Aunt Toot wants to say as she wipes her tear filled eyes,,"You dont know the half of it,",But folks love to come here,,prolly to laugh,,Thats why Miss Charlotte comes over ,,just to laugh,,Ya know when i went and picked up Mary and Brad from that drug house for the last time and brot them here ,,Oh we were all sooo depressed ,,all 3 of us,,We cud hardly speak,,And as i sat there wandering what to do next,,i said to Brad,,"Make us Laugh Brad,,just make us laugh"..Brad got a twinkle in his eye and said something,,i dont remember what it was,,But it atleast cracked a smile on mine and Marys face,,And from then on Brad kept us laughing pretty much ..Well not all of the time,,but alot of it,,And forgive me but i have to laugh when the knot it my life is the tightest,,Its how i get out of it,,and oh yeah i wanna be perfect and all but well....i aint.!!! And why God ask me to write at all i will never know for sure..

Part 2  - "The Hultquist Home"

Yesterday my carpenters came to talk with me about the next project..I ask
Andy how he was gona manage my ceiling fan on a slanted porch roof? I said
"How will we get the front door open.."? He is a wonderful craftsman and
Sabrina is too,,..i had insulted him,,,He says "Well this isnt Sanfords and
Sons,,If the front door wont open because of the fan i wont put the fan
up,"..Then he says "Trust me you will be able to get in and out the front
door"..Anyway i think i will get a fan that fits right on the ceiling..i
think it is called a hugger fan,,? Everyone that sees my porch says "Andy is
a wonderful craftsman," Miss Charolette came by last nite to sit on the
porch and laugh..Miss Charlottes husband has been out of work for about 4
months i think,,We were all praying for Jay to get this one job..And
yesterday he found out he didnt get it,,He was heart sick,,He is a
wonderrful Christian gentleman,,How sorrowful i feel for him..But Miss
Charolotte says that laughter is the highest form of faith,,and it is,,She
was raised in a good home ,,her dad was a lawyer,,But Char said "Papa never
worried over money and i dont either"..i remember the summer before Jim died
the following Spring,,Jim got so upset he took everything we had worth
sellin and put it in the yard,,I was embarrassed as Miss Charlotte and i sat
in the shade of the neighbors tree drank iced tea and watched Jim..Miss C.
knew we were in dire straights and needed money,,Miss C. said "Connie i find
you interesting whether you are poor or doesnt make any
difference,"..Well i was glad i was interesting because i was embarrassed to
a nub,,and i wasnt laughing,i am laughing now ,,Jim wud get so desperate at
times,,One of the things he worried most about was his house falling in,,He
used to tell me,,"Connie if we ever moved this house wud be condemned"..Aunt
Toot cried when she saw the porch and the new doors etc,,"Connie ,,Jim wud
be so happy to see this"..And i know he looks down from Heaven and sees this
house,,and i know he is happy with it,i know i drove JIm crazy at times with
my faith,,But i think every now and again he laughed ..And i know he is
laughing now in Heaven,,love Connie

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