Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Rare Titus 2 Mother

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, June 2012}

Dear Sisters of the Revolution..Good Morning,,PTL we are getting a
good rain this morning..Here in Iowa we have been as dry as
bones..Yesterday i pulled weeds..i cud hardly get them out as the ground
was so dry and stubborn..We have had to water our gardens every day..Even
 the vegetables arent growin that good..i have never seen a drier
season...i am so dry myself ..My words are coming out like the dry weeds
,,i can hardly pull them out,,i guess i need the rain upon my dry and
barren soul...Well the Lord always refreshes ,me..But i wanna scream "Hurry
Lord."..I know the devil isnt tryin to do me any favors ..by leaving me
alone.The Titus 2 Mother is about the most endangered species on earth..My
Jim always said that the married male was the most discriminated
person on earth.. .

Isaiah 32;17 "and the work of righteousness shall
be peace ...and the effects of righteousness quietness and assurance for
ever... verse 18 And my people will dwell in a peaceable habitation..and in
sure dwellings and in quiet resting places.."Oh i used to love to read
these scriptures when i was a young wife and mother..These words said to me
that if i was taking care of my home and family that this was a work of
righteousness ,,And as i did this work of righteousness i wud have quietness
and assurance in my heart...So often as Jim and i were raising our
children we wud come into a financial difficulty...i wud think of this
scripture..And i wud know that i was to continue to do the works of
righteousness..So i wud go into my kitchen and just start makin the next
meal or i wud stir up some yeast bread..i wanted to go lay on my bed and
cry.. But i knew Jim needed to see me walking in courage and faith..He
didnt need me to start lecturing him about what he shud have done so we
wudnt have to go thru this financial set back..i needed to walk by faith
and not look at the bad news in front of us..

Isaiah 33;6 says that Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of our
times...Proverbs is all about Godly wisdom..Prov 7;4 Say unto Wisdom thou
art my Sister ;and call Understanding thy kinswoman..Love connie

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Anonymous said...

You are such an encouragement to me Connie, I wish you could understand how much your writing impacts me and I'm sure others!


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