Monday, March 2, 2015

Childhood Vaccinations - The Way It Was

Part 1 - "Childhood Vaccinations"

Good Morning Ladies,...i am up early doing some housework..Also i was reading some articles about childhood vaccinations..and how they are linked possibly to Autism..It seems this subject is an on going debate..My oldest children were vaccinated..But then when David and Dan came along i didnt want them to be vaccinated ..i felt their was enuff being said about the dangers of vaccines to make a good mother wonder what it was all about..i was thinking " Now that many parents cudnt be all that wrong for all this time"..Well Jim wanted me to get the vaccines what i did was this..i ask Jim if i cud wait until they went to school to get their Vaccines.This way they wud be older and cud tell me if they were sick or hurting some place...Then when Mary came along { our last baby} we didnt get her vaccinated at all..Jim and i both felt pretty strong at that time that all this Autism had to be coming from some place..We began feeling uneasy about anything concerning public school..So we began homeschooling in 1988..Baby Mary was 3 yrs old ...Dan s first yr of homeschool was 1st grade and Davids was 2nd grade..We made John homeschool too and take 7th grade over as he got all F's..even in Art and Gym..!! i got so nervous thinking that John wud NEVER get an education..i let the State come in and test John..and they said he was a Genious..i thot the "TESTERS" were on drugs or something..But they were right ..John grew up and now has a good job and works hard..Thank God !!!Well i will write a 2nd part on this..

Part 2 - "Quarantined"

I grew up in the 1950s..One family in our neighborhood had a mother who worked full time..If any of we children got the measles or mumps or any childhood disease, our Mother kept us at home..You cudnt go to school ...We knew these diseases were dangerous and needed special care...The neighbor mothers were to make sure that all the families knew that their children had a contagious disease and that no one was to go to the sick childs house..Of course each home then wud get the mumps ..One by one..In a few weeks then all was quiet again..In my Mothers day..they wud put a sign on the door that said :"Quarantined"...i think i read once that if you went in a house that had been Quarantined you wud have to pay a fine..This was back in the old days..Everyone knew that these diseases were contageous..But thanks to feminism and no mother in the home..we cant have any childhood diseases..The babysitter cant risk taking them..So with this debate over what causes Autism ? will probably never end..The feminist must be able to have her rights as much as a man ..She shudnt have to stay home with a sick child.....Well so goes the war..Now alot of women have to ,work..i understand..There are alot of single mothers connie

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