Sunday, April 12, 2015

Feminine Desperados

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, April 2010.}

Part 1 "Feminine Desperados"

Good Morning Ladies,,i woke up this morning not wanting to write,,Actually i
wanted to run over the hill..i felt like i have led you ladies into the
desert to die,,Wendy you prolly think i have been terrible..i hope i can
sorta explain..The Lord led me as He finally got me outta bed to again read
this book i have..Mary Elisabeth gave this book to me at Christmas,,i have
told you about it before,,the book is called WOMEN OF THE CIVIL WAR,,Of
course the author of this book calls the heroines of these stories
"feminists",,But the women themselves wud twirl in their graves if they thot
someone called them that,,These women were true to their families for the
most part..Why is it if a woman is a bit wiley or industrious she is called
a feminist ? Chrissy Joy my girl who lives in NYC says "Well Mom you were a
feminist,,You had to be to do all you did " Well no i just followed the
Lord,,ON our Radio Show Aunt Toot wants to interview me one of these
days,Toot knows me and knows just what to ask me to get me goin,,it shud be
a fun interview,But may God help us,,i am prayin an hour a day for this
Radio thing,,Only God can help us,,,But anyway i want to tell you all about
some of these women of the Civil War,,The feminine Desperadoes were the spys
for either side,,One woman who hit the newspapers was an actress who turned
spy..Her name was Pauline Cushman,,She was almost hung but escaped,,When the
wives men went to war some of the women went with them,,To me this is as
today,,Many husbands are fighting spiritual wars,,Just because some of us
are not getting shot at that doesnt mean we are not in a war,,We are in a
Spiritual War with unseen forces,,Satan is tearing up family homes with both
hands,,Satan is out to destroy our homes ..

Part 2 "Fanny Ricketts"

Ok heres the story on Fanny and her work in the Civil War,,When her husband
Captain James Ricketts was taken as a wounded prisoner , Fanny went with
him,,She became a prisoner too in order to be a nurse to her husband,,She
nursed him back to health several times as he was captured,,And many of the
other wives did this also,,Some brot their children,,Some became cooks for
the army so they cud watch over the health of their husbands,,They made sure
if they were wounded that they got the food they needed,,The wives didnt
just stand by and watch their husbands die,,The mother of the home was her
families counselor..and nurse,,Of course the mothers with lil babies had to
stay behind to care for the children,,They wud have died in an army
camp..But then some of the wives had lost their homes and so continued to
follow the army camps with their children,It wasnt easy anyway you word
it,,Cant ya just see one of those wives sayin,,"Well i cant take this,,i am
gettin a divorce,," Well in a war you lose it seems either way,,A divorce
only makes it all worse,,if you are doing without now,,you will have less
after a divorce,,The name of the game is patience,,Wait on God..If ya wanna
make the devil mad and upset his game?Smile sweetly the next time you fall
into diverse temptations,,But anyway,,no,,Fanny Ricketts was no
feminist,,She was a virtuous woman,,and she saved her husbands life ,,She
did him good all the days of her life...

Part 3  "True Women"

Most of the wives during the Civil war stayed behind and ran the
Homesteads..They didnt hit the streets lookin for boyfriends as the modern
tv shows wud portray,,But their husbands knew these women were capable wives
and mothers,,And that their wives were to be trusted to care for their homes
and children,Their marriage covenant was a sacred promise to God,,They wud
stay True until death,,The virtuous woman does her husband good all the days
of Her life,,And ya know when we went thru this with our Mary,,Jim had just
died,,i was glad to deal with Mary for my own self as her mom,,But i felt i
was left here to honor Jim and to deal with Mary on his behalf,Our Mary was
so special to Jim,,He was 45 when she was born,,she was his precious
baby,,and mine too,,She was our lil Shirley Temple..For my own sake i cudnt
let her die,,But i kept thinkin of my Darling Jim.And how broken hearted he
wud be if Mary had died an addict,,i just cudnt let Mary go,,for Jims
sake..i wanted to honor Jim..and i will all of my life,,i want to stand
honest before God when i reach Heaven,,And the way to stay honest before God
is to stay honest before your husbands,,Mary wrote me a note and put it in
my book.."To the Bravest woman i know"..All of this from a daughter who
barely spoke to me for almost 3 yrs,,But as i persevered to honor my husband
who was dead,,This brot me to a place of honor in my daughters eyes,,And she
was healed by the blood of Jesus. . Love Connie

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JES said...

Loved these snippets you shared on the woman who were a crown to their husbands (during the hard times especially)! Thank you for sharing the inspiration on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)

Terri Presser said...

Thank you for sharing these interesting stories on women who served their husbands during times of war, and you are right about being in a battle ourselves even though we aren't being shot at. Thank you so much for encouraging us to honour our husbands. Thanks for linking with Good Morning Mondays. Blessings


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