Monday, June 8, 2015

Godly Submission in Marriage

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, February 2011.}

Part 1 - Love and Marriage

Dear Wives and Mothers,,Ya know it seems that the religious world is now worried about the divorce rate,,Well i wondered when they wud worry about it,,Finallllllly they are worried about the adultry going on in the local church,,Then folks tell ya,,"Oh ya gotta go to church '..Why so i can learn to commit adultry and Praise Jesus at the same time "? i know every church isnt like that,,But basically the Christian women are divorceing as fast as the unbelievers,,Probably faster,,There new philosophy is ,,,"I am a child of the King and no man has a right to treat me like that "...Now days the unbelieveing wife seems to have at times more love and common sense then the Christian,,Prostitutes who are after our men knows shes a sinner,,so she can forgive,,and will forgive,,and will keep on comin ,,But the proud and arogant church ladies rules are "One strike and yur out"....Christian Feminism is indeed a religion and has no place in a true Christian womans home,,C.Feminism is an unholy rebellion against men,,And it is Witch Craft....And so many women are in this,,They come against the husband but they dont realise it is about to kill their childrens childhood..The woman who wont submit to her husband will submit to many gods,,She submits to her boss at work and helps him build his kingdom,,But she forgets her own home kingdom ..where she is the Queen,,She submits to every worldly god and destroys her own calling as Queen in her home,,As she wont honor her husband she shows her children the way to rebellion,,The children learn to disrespect authority,,They learn that Daddy dont know nothin,,And pretty soon this teaches them that Mommy is a jerk too..They become their own god...Now ya got some real trouble...The child runs the Home,,,

Part 2  - Godly Submission

See Wives when you try to punish your husbands all you are doing is
delaying him looking at his own faults,,He is supposed to be a MAN and take
care of himself..and face his own self...He has to stand on his own 2
feet,,No one changes because someone told them to..We all make changes when
we see we have goofed things up..and we have suffered,,then we change,,As
long as the wife stands there and needles her husband thru words and actions
then he has someone to blame..But if she keeps her eyes on Jesus and being a
godly wife and mother then she throws the guilt back on her husband for him
to deal with it,,Because he is the only one who can make a decision for his
own self..Only Jesus can woo a man to Himself,,The Holy Spirit calls to
Husbands spirit..Spirit to spirit..Only Jesus can call a man thru the Holy
Spirit..We as wives are called as helpers...We are called to serve our
husbands and to honor them and make them happy,,We are called as keepers at
home to bring honor to our men,,But we are not called to take spiritual
authority over them,,If you try to lord it over your husband and make him be
religious this is Witch Craft..It is a curse upon your husband,,and your
home,,It bindes a man and makes him ornery,,But the true wife will honor her
husband where honor is due ,,And she will build a man out of him thru love
..You do this as you submit to your husband as unto the Lord,,

Part 3

Ya know MaryL my mentor who died 3 yrs ago submitted to her husband till her last breath,,
She was 78 when she died,,Russ was 82 when she died and was as strong as a bull and still is,,They had miracle healings alot..They prayed and counseled many Christians,,includeing me and Jim...Mary didnt allow strife in her house,,If Russ was mad at her ,,,it nearly killed her,,And oh Russ loved Mary,,Mary was so sweet about her dog and cats,,She wudnt get into strife even with a bird ,,Her cat Scruffy,,who was in and outside all day is 20 yrs old and acts like a kitten,..Mary slept with her animals ..She said her and Russ were their parents,..Mary kept a lovely home,She made pumpkin pie for Russ all thru the year,,just because it was his favorite,,She got up with him every morning at 4;00 A.M. to pack a lunch for him to go to work,,And always a big breakfast,,And Russ still has a job,,He has no health ins as he says he dont plan on being sick,,And no life ins as he dont plan to die,,i guess he will go up in the rapture,,And right after Jim died Mary told me i cud have Russ after she died,,And she politely died 2 yrs after Jim died,,But i cudnt keep up with Russ,,he needs someone younger..But i am tellin ya one thing,,A Godly Home is a place of miracles..Sickness or curses wont stay long in a home where the husband rules under God..and the wife submits ..Between Russ and Mary they raised 10 children and all know the Lord..This was a 2nd marriage for both of them,,love connie

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