Monday, November 21, 2016

Angels Unaware - Take Care of Your Husband

 {From the Archives of Connie's Letters, July 2012.}

Mary L. used to tell me about her mother... She would tell me how they were homesteaders in South Dakota.... She said that her Mother loved her Dad so much.. And that she took excellent care of him...

Her Mother always fixed wonderful meals for him even when she and her husband were old.  Mary said one time, after she was married, she had come home to visit her folks.. And the next morning she wanted her mother to sit and watch a show on tv with her..  But her mother said she wanted to be like Jesus and minister  to her husband.."Jesus has come to serve"..Mary said she never forgot that.. 

Mary always had a servant's heart.. Mary told me that her mother told this story in the old days about a stranger that came to their house ..  Her Mother served this man a meal and then he went on his way.  But this stranger told her mother that her dad would live a long life because her Mother took such good care of him..

Mary's dad lived well past 90 yrs old.. Mary and her mom thought this man was an angel unaware..

Love Connie

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Anonymous said...

Connie...I do not know if you read your comments, but I want to tell you I am slowly reading through ALL of your old posts on happy housewifery. You are teaching me, like dear Mrs. White, Roxy at Living from Glory to Glory, Grandmommy at In the Palm of His ladies are Titus 2 women...and I thank our Lord for all your efforts.
God bless you...

Hella Holletochter said...

Unfortunately there never is a how to care for and love and cherish a wife on manly sites.

Katy said...

This is beautiful! :)


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