About the Letters (Posts)

In the year 2000, Connie started writing online with a little e-mail machine.  It wouldn't allow her to write more than a certain number of words.  She had to be creative with her writings so she could fit more into each email. These writings went out to a group of homemakers.

Years later, she had a computer.  She continues to write emails the same charming way she always has.

A selection of these emails are now being published here, within a few days or weeks after she sends them out.

Each post (or letter/ email) from Connie is posted to this blog by the site administrator.  They are published here, unedited, just as they appear in her original emails.

Her book, "Dear Kitchen Saints" is a compilation of years of her email writing ministry. The book is gently edited and carefully organized.  It is an incredible encouragement to many.


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