Monday, August 26, 2013

Trail Blazers

Dear Mothers of the home..

Ya know things in our country are so bad it seems...i dont even watch the news..i figure "Why scare myself half to death,,?" If we get all bent out of shape now..then when real trouble comes we will drop dead ...This is a time to get built up in the faith,,,Let the days trouble be sufficient for that day.Satan tells us we wont ever make it..He says we are doomed because of our sins.Well yes there is enuf sin goin on ..its a wonder the Lord lets us live another day..Thank God for His mercy..!!!But what our country needs cant be bot..We need Mothers with tender hearts towards their children..and their husbands,,Women who are wise and hear from God..A few wise women who know how to pray cud change our Nation..Mothers look away from the worldly and cry after His wisdom..When i first homeschooled our children was 1988..i knew one other family who homeschooled in my town..Later i met more..But one woman told me how to get started...i had no idea...Homeschool books were no where to be found ..You had to order them in the mail..But i just got work books...i cudnt afford books..But i used to pray and ask God to help me to get the right books for my 4 children...Over and over the Lord wud get the books for me that i needed..But oh the devil howled at me every day ..trying to scare me into not home schooling..But all of we homeschoolers just kept on going...i faught the system for the sake of my own children,..i really wasnt thinking of fighting for the laws to be changed etc.i always said i wud hide out and teach my own but not someone elses children..But as i faught for my own children my life began touching many other parents ...And they began homeschooling....All they needed was an example...We lived 4 blocks from the elementary school..And the folks around me cud see that the police were not carrying us off..So people thot if Jim and i had the nerve to do this and that we werent in jail ...then they cud do it too,,,and they did..!!!...But we need the trail blazers..We need the pioneers to get us moving..A girl named Cindy was my example..She lived at the edge of town,,She told me how to do it and that is all..I thot she was goimg to take me by the hand and teach me...Surprise Connie she isnt..!!!It was all up to me..Jim had to go to work..and i was left at home to either make it or not..

Monday, August 19, 2013

Keep the Light in the Window

Part 1

Dear Sisters, Good Morning..!! i am getting ready to go the Dollar Store..i have 3 lites that are burned out in the livingroom window.Well they are like Christmas Lights..I first put them up there when our son Jimmy went into the Navy..Jimmy was a part of an air crew..Jim and i were very proud of him..Anyway i worried alot about our son...And i. wrote a poem about how i felt... i dont know where it is exactly..But the first part goes like this." .Keep the candle in the window Mother..and the fire blazing low..Keep the soup on simmer Mother ...just a few hours left to go"..Folks in the neighborhood wud pass by our house.."Connie did you know you still have your Christmas lights up in your window"? i wud say " I know they are on..They arent Christmas lights they are lights of my prayers..i keep them forever burning even after i go to .sleep at nite...The lights tell me that even tho i am asleep Jesus is holding my precious son"Jimmy"..Iva at 85 wud jog by my house ..One day, she stopped and ask me.."Connie are those Lights in the window for Jimmy?"..i said "Yes they are" In the Old Days Mothers wud keep a candle in the window in case her family was out in a dark night storm and wud lose their way home. They wud look for the light in the window to guide them home..

Part 2

Last evening Jill stopped by ..i loved seeing her and we had a nice
visit..When she got ready to leave she said "Connie , your lights are OUT
in the window..You shudnt ever let them go out"..i said i know it..i will
get some light bulbs and put them in.. .I had some little bulbs in the
lights a few yrs back..and the lights wud not burn out..They got so dusty
but wud not burn out..i think Aunt Toot will remember those lights that
wudnt go out..i finally just took the dusty ones out and replaced them
with new ones..But those lights reminded me that the Lords light is always
shining on us and it will never go out..Jimmy did come home safely from
the Navy..with many medals ..But i was to keep the candles in the
window..Always symbolising the LIGHTS of home..The Lights call...
forever children and grandchildren to me..and to the True
Heavenly LIGHT of the world Jesus Christ.. Love Connie

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Show Must Go On

Part 1

Dear Sisters, Lately as i have prayed i feel the same thing over and over...i tell the Lord.."Lord some things are impossible to do on this earth.." i will never again be Jims wife on this earth..i will never have all of my children with me again..i will never be able to relive the happy yrs of raising them..i knew when i home-schooled that this was so was a time i cant relive..My Darling Jim was so possessive at times and so many times he was afraid of losing me..Not to another, but maybe to a friend or to an interest that he didnt know anything about..When i told him i was invited to give our testimony to the world..i know he thot i was kidding..He wud often say "Oh sure go ahead" but thinking " Oh please dont"..He did all of the remodeling around me and my email machine..i was trying to write as dust and noise flowed around me..He said it was fine that i wrote..He helped me to get my email machine..??? i loved him and our children..more then anything...i miss Jimmy, Johnny. Christiane Joy.i miss David Dan and Mary Elizabeth..I miss my husband..And when i think i will never be a young mother again or a stay at home mother..i will never again be married to Jim on this earth again,,,it breaks my heart..i thank God that i still have our old family home..Our home calls me to remember the times and seasons of our home..Jim and i enjoyed the littlest things...When he really came to the Lord our lives changed..And even the littlest family things meant so much to us..`

Part 2

i say all of this to say "Enjoy your family while they are here.." i remember when we were raising Dan as a teenager..Oh he was a riot for sure..i wud get so mad at him and not talk to him..And my heart felt so broken because i missed wrapping him up in my arms and telling him i loved him..i just thot in my heart that i was the one suffering ..So i went to him and hugged him and held him close..i said to him.."I will always love you Dan.."...And when David left home to get an apt with a friend..i put a bouquet of flowers where he sat at the table..The flowers were called Bleeding Hearts..And as the children left home one by one .. it seems my writing became my counselor..The Voice of the Spirit had to lead me on..And after the children left home then my husband died..It was like the show was over...i had to walk out and turn off the lights...And yet i still have Jim and the children in my memories..And i can rebuild the home..i dont know how God will do it..but He will..And i am so happy i wrote a book..well many books not yet written.In this way my family goes on...the Show Must go on..  love, Connie

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Housewife and the Feminist

Dear Mothers, i have been thinking lately about who is really the free
thinkers among us ? The feminist is" yes sir no sir "to the boss at work
..Even if he is a man..but she wudnt "Yes sir" her husband if her life
depended on it..Then you have the woman who is scared of everything and
wont barely go outside as the sky will fall on her head..She wudnt know a
hardship if it came in a sack with the words HARDSHIP written on the
front..She certainly isnt gonna make any waves in any direction for any
reason..she is quiet all the time ...And a bit boring i might add..So when
someone thinks of a housewife they think of this little shrinking
violet..But when i talk to my daughter in NYC she says "Mom you are a
Feminist you wud have had to be to do what you have done in your life.."i
laughed over that,,But i think the wife who is a truth seeker ...who wont
go with the herd the one who is the free-est thinker of us

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Hultquist Kids

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, April 2013}

Part 1

Good morning Ladies, Last nite me and Aunt Tootsie were yakin in the
phone,,Toot remembered my Mom before she died and so we were laughing over
my Moms sense of humor ...Heres another funny story before i get on to my
serious writings..I always had a Birthday Party for each of my
children..Usually we had Mom and Dad over for supper and for ice cream and
cake..Well i was always so busy with my family..So the kids had to help me
with dinners etc..So we forgot to get Gram {Mom} a fork for her cake..So i
told one of the kids to go get Gram a fork.. i forgot the whole thing after
that evening......So a few weeks later ,,,Mom comes over with a new set of
silverware..I cudnt figure out why..But i thanked her and all..Then she
pipes up..."Well that last time i was here for a meal one of the kids gave
me a cooking fork to eat my cake with.  i thot maybe you had lost some of
your silverware,,," i always tried to act matter of fact" with Mom ...Like
it was normal not to have matching silverware and all..The truth was that
my boys wud lose their tools and wud use my silverware for tools..But then
after mom left i thot about it.." a cooking fork to eat cake"? i thot "Omg
i bet one of the boys gave Gram a Bar-B-Q fork to eat her cake...??? I
never did find out if they really did...i still think of it to this day???
Like Jimmy our oldest used to say "The boys cud do anything crazy and Mom
wud just say quietly "Oh those boys"..

Part 2

My Mom was always a riot...but Dad most of the time upstaged her..Well there was just 3 kids in my family ..Just me and 2 brothers..But a household with 4 boys and 2 girls is really a different story.. The 1950s that i grew up in wasnt at all like what my home was like when raiseing my own kids..Plus i homeschooled for 15 i let my kids make forts in the livingroom and i had 2 pianos in the livingroom too..One day my Dad is sitting in my livingroom looking at the 2 pianos on the south wall..He says "Connie one of these days the way this old house is? those 2 pianos will tip this house over..Well Dad was always saying things like that..scared the livin day lites out of me,..i finally got rid of the biggest piano..It was a really big piano.!!!. But what i will always remember that Dad used to say when he came in my house..he wud say to me,,"Son of a Buck what kind of an outfit are you runnin over here?"If the kids had a skinned knee or whatever.. he wud say "What are you tryin to do to these kids.?".i tried to give my testimony to my Mom about how after 12 yrs the Lord gave us a new marriage...Mom says "Well Connie you waited 12 yrs..for cryin out loud anything cud have happened if you wait that long"...Oh she was quite the old gal.. i loved Mom and matter what they said to me..i miss them both..Mom died in 2007 and Dad died in 2001 ..they were married for almost 60 yrs,,

Part 3

But a know my Dad was a fair honest man,,,of course all the relatives had a fit over Jim leaveing and coming back and leaveing etc.. Jim wud come back and repent etc..And Jim wud be sorry.. Jim wud take any job he cud get to support us..He got one job that he had to walk to work clear into the next city.It took him almost 2 hrs to walk there,,It was a nite job so there was no buses running..after work he cud take a bus home,,But i remember Dad telling all the relatives..."Well ya gotta say one thing for Jim..he is a hard worker..And not many men wud walk that far to go to work"...Jim said it was good exercise...But Dad said that deep down Jim must have been a good man...And Dad was right,,Jim did love us and he showed us his love .. Love connie

Monday, August 5, 2013

Holy Housewifery

Part 1

Dear Sisters,

Its so wonderful to be a housewife...i loved submitting to my husband and letting him be the head of the house..i remember visiting Jim in jail ...As i sat on this 3 legged stool balanceing myself ...the stool was sposed to be 4 legs, i had to talk thru this lil i had to scootch down and yet keep my leg where it was to be to hold up the stool...i prayed "Lord give me the words to say to this man.."The Lord says "Well he is the priest of your home....Nothing has changed,"So i said to Jim...i cant pay the light bill,,or the gas bill what shud i do?"he told me how to juggle the bills...and i followed what he all worked out i guess,,I am still here....Nothing ever got shut off except for the phone did a few times..This was the old jail..i mean that place was rat infested and wudnt believe it,,Soon after this they built a new jail..But the door you went into to visit had no door nob,,The door was full of holes and a decent dump wudnt have taken it..You had to just pick a hole and put your hand in it to open the door,,That door just hung there dont ask me how.But this was my life. i followed Wildman where ever he went..i followed him in prayer.i had to get it settled in my heart that he was the head of our home..i did submit to Jim as unto the Lord...Submission to your husband is a verrry large part of your armor ..dont let your pride {satan} talk you out of it..

Part 2

 Ya know we learn obediance to the Lord thru the things that we suffer..As we submit to our husbands , as we humble ourselves...Preachers arent teaching this in the church..its so sad..The big message of the day is "Woman you are loosed".. Loosed from what ? Loosed from what the Bible says about your place as keeper at home..The loosed woman is the one who CAN trust in the Lord and His Word.Some of these preachers from the pulpit seem to be trying to give the Christian wife and Mother an attitude ..A smarty pants personality...What are they doing to our country? Its like these preachers are either ignorant ..or they have an agenda to chase the home makers out to get a job..A two income family can sure give alot more money then a family with a stay at home mother..i mean i am not telling you all anymore then what you know already..the problem is that we as Mothers dont want to stand alone..The social gospel will give us happiness for a while..But of all the times to be spiritually lazy ? i mean thats dangerous in this age..Truth ..Gird your loins with Truth ..its part of the whole armor of God,,Eph 6...Also 2 Tmothy 2;3 and 4 ..Thou therefore ENDURE hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. Also `the 4th verse No Man {or woman}entangles himself or her self with the affairs of this life..that she may please Him who hath chosen her to be a connie


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