Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some Wisdom for Reverencing Husbands

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, August 2011.}

And ya know its a dang wonder any of this writing i have done ever got off
the ground..And when i hear a Sister say she loved what i said about this or
that,,I am thinkin "I dont even remember saying that "..i think alot of
times the Lord speaks to me about something and it some how says something
different to you..Miss Charlotte came to visit a few days ago in the
evening,,We were talkin about being housewives and how some of our relatives
cudnt figure it out..They think just cause you are home you arent doing
anything,,Char homeschools her grandchild..Anyway i told her that i was
always busy at home when i homeschooled..And i said "Ya know when Jim was
alive and had his days off that was so busy.....i told her when Jim went
back to work after a couple days off i wud need a day to just figure out
what the Hell i was doin..i needed a whole day just to rest ..Miss Charlotte
laughed her head off..But ya know when you are married you are your husbands
helper..But that doesnt mean he is your God..You reverence and honor your
husband and go along with him,,,You fit in to his plans,,,But by no means is
he your God..You are still to have a personal relationship to Christ..Even
if your husband is saved and walking with God,,Still you as wife and mother
have to have a life in Christ on your own,,And you dont have to discuss with
your husband every little thing the Lord tells you..You need to let your
husband grow in Christ at his own speed..Dont boss your husband around with
what God has told you..Wait back and let God tell your husband what is
what..i think this is where satan is trippin some of you Sisters up..You
think everything your husband does is right in Gods eyes,,And it isnt,,You
need to spend enuf time with God so that He can tell you where your husband
is at spiritually and where you are at..Wives shudnt just sit back and say
"Well i am doing what my husband said to do so i am safe" No you aint
safe,,Yes you do what he says and fit into his plans,,But God Himself cud
stop you..If your husband tells you to do something that you know is
not Gods will then trust God to stop you,,Your husband may be in a bad mood
because of something that happened at work.He comes home and says out of his
anger "I hate what your cooked for supper"!! Well he is speaking out of
where he is at..He hasnt just come out of his prayer chamber.But you as his
wife need to see these things in the spirit realm and respond to them in
wisdom..Like say to him,,"Well i can fix something different for
supper"..But dont make a mountain out of a mole hill..Its only one meal he
insulted. You know if you are a good cook or not..But spend the time in
prayer to understand the ways of your household..before you go before your
husband your King,,,love connie

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Kath said...

Remarkable advice. Thanks for sharing. Blessings :-)


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