Monday, January 6, 2014

Why Churches Don't Teach Mothers To Stay Home

{From the Archives of Connie's Letters, August 2011.}

Part 1

Dear Sisters of Liberty...i am writing today to Jenn on the response grp
about a question she had...She is wondering why the churches of today dont
preach about being keepers at home,,Or how to live the normal every day
Christian life in the home,,i know what you mean Jenn... Before i learned
what i write i used to cry before the Lord and ask Him "Where Lord is the
Titus 2 Mother "? My heart was broken to find her,,i didnt understand why
she didnt come to our rescue as i was so deeply in trouble ...and i cudnt
find my way out,,,And i wasnt the only young mother looking for her
either,,Of course we all know now where she is..She is at work making a life
for herself..Boils my hide... and skins my belly,,But we may as well get
used to it..But you Mothers like Jenn and so many young moms who are
searching for the Ever elusive Titus 2 Mom will some day be her..Thats what
happened to me when i turned 50..i had searched for the older Christian Mom
for many yrs..But thru my own needs the Lord created me in me my answer and
the answer for some of you,,Now MaryL played a part of the Titus 2 ministry
in my life..But actually she was learning too..She hadnt really had a Titus
2 mom either,..Her own Mother played a part..But yes have you noticed the
young Christian moms who are writers..??Then they drop off the earth when
their oldest child becomes a teenager"?..Its because the popular teaching
out there is this..."If ya raise the kid right as a child he will be perfect
by the time he is 18 yrs old and ready for college ? " Yeah right..Hello ?
Well some kids wud be alright at 18 i guess..But the Mother has to just
remain steadfast in her prayers if he isnt ok at 18,,or whatever magical age
a mother picks..

Part 2

Yesterday i woke up so depressed..i have been fighting this for about 2 weeks,,Finally yesterday morning the Lord spoke to my heart..Alot of times we get depressed because we get confused about our callings from God..The Lord assured me yesterday in prayer that my calling was to be a writer and to write to Mothers about their place in the home,,This is a high calling,,As i prayed the Lord reminded me of Dixies Farm,,And He ask me "Connie have you fulfilled all that i taught you on the farm"? Of course the answer is "NO.."If God tells us to do something ..we have to do it even if we accidentally forgot it..Or no matter how old we get..The Lord had told we 3 girls to seek the wisdom of God..See this calling to Wisdom is not of this world..It is a calling of God.. the most powerful gift is Love..And this calling to Mothers and wives to LOVE is the foundational teaching,,We see many gifts in the church today,,And like Jenn says the teachings are mostly on Salvation and ministering to the community..And that is important..Its all important what the churches are trying to say,,But the Problem,,,the hitch in our giddy-up ? is that the Christian homes around us are falling dead like flys in the face of poison,,The Poison being the false teachings on family,,Jenn you spoke of starving to death spiritually,,i hear ya..We need God where we hurt..We as Mothers hurt in our souls..The Mother in her home is so important..While there are many sick among us,..there is more folks who are broken down because of family problems..There are many broken hearted and broken spirited people..Satan has whacked so many in their gut and caused alot of sickness..We need the fresh anointing ,,We need the Living Waters to wash us and refresh us,,How we need the fresh oil to anoint us and to give us hope..The Wisdom of God is what we need,,Wisdom brings Joy..Solomon ask for Joy above all else..He cud have ask for money or a good reputation,,Or the life of his enemies..But he ask for Gods Wisdom to lead his people and to make wise decisions..Wisdom is the Pearl of Great Price..At nite many nites before i go to sleep i thank the Lord that i won Jims love..i have what many women will never have,,i had the sincere love of my husband,,i rest content in that,,i am glad i wasnt out lookin for a job to fulfill myself when Jim needed me..As i chased Jim with my love the Lord led me to the Pearl of Great Price..The Lord led me to His Wisdom..And i learned enuf to write many writings about it..This Pearl has many chambers,,Many layers of teachings,,Wisdom is a gift you get as you leave the crowds of people behind..The virtuous women dont run in flocks..Like rare plants or rare multi colored birds they stand alone,,One here and one there..but they are mostly hidden..and seen only by those who really need them..Like angels ..they come to those who are suffering and crying out to God..

Part 3

But ya know in the churches so many young preachers in this age were raised
by Christian Feminists..C.F. do well in the church because they have chosen
to work outside the home and home isnt important to them,,The work of the
church is the most important,,And so they dont cause any trouble for
preacher,,They are easily corralled ? They are leaders of women and they lead
the women to church,,And if husband dont wanna go then its ok to divorce
him..He is called an unbeliever...Well see back in the Pioneer Days the
preacher helped families..And the preacher had a job usually..And church was
just on Sunday and maybe on Wednesday evening for Prayer Meeting,,But the
husband was the head of his home,,Preacher wasnt head of the home,,Well
families worked together and spent alot of time together,,Think of the
Little House on the Prairie Tv series...Religion was simple ...Charles was
the head of his house,,The preacher tried to keep peace in the homes he
ministered to..The Mothers were deeply prudent and godly for the most
part..Young men knew the difference between women they just used and women
they wanted as Mothers for their children,,Godly men didnt want to show
their wives off to other men,,They wanted wives who were quiet and
private..These are the women they wanted to marry ..These are the women they
brot home to meet their sweet mothers...And the Godly Mothers back in
Pioneer days were prayer warriors..Often they lived out in the middle of no
where far from Drs or any help at all..i am sure many of these mothers had
gifts of healing,,Some had to deliver their own babies..But i dont mean that
every woman who stands up and testifies is a feminist..No ...But we do have
too many Chiefs and not enuf Indians,,love connie

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Anonymous said...

Some Moms fall off the wagon cuz they only get half the message anyway..they get the message that keeper at home is just during the time of children...when the child grows and is gone...they forget or walk away from the rest of the message...they stagger around like..what am I to do now? Well titus say to teach! But sadly most forsake home and hubby and go to work...or worse yet end up being a full time mom again as they take on their grand children full time out if guilt or pressure if their daughters choose work.

Anonymous said...

So true anonymous!

Great writing! So refreshing in this parched land!

Terri - Lee said...

... ive searched and prayed for 5 years for a Titus 2 woman to come into my life... ..... they seem to be extinct. But I guess it forces one to rely more on the Lord Himself alot more :-)

I enjoyed reading this, thank u

Anonymous said...

"Wisdom is a gift you get when you leave the crowds of people behind."----


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